Thanks to Cayden James’ onslaught, tragedy strikes in a big way throughout the “We Fall” episode of Arrow. This means a lot of heroic opportunities for just about everyone trying to survive in Star City. Who is the biggest hero of all?


It is a lot easier to show Oliver’s inherent heroism in episodes where he gets to be the Green Arrow. Multiple attacks on the city, plus facing down Cayden James (alias Ben Gale, a great little callback for Lost fans) in the office, mean that Oliver is a true hero from beginning to end in “We Fall.”

Oliver additionally gets to be heroic on the fatherhood front. Letting William win at target-shooting is a good move, as is having “the talk” on why Oliver lied about hanging up his bow.

One might even laud Oliver giving the bad guy his ransom at the end. The goal is to save Star City, after all.

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Finally, Diggle is back in action! His heroism gets a good workout, thanks to the chaos of “We Fall.” Back in good fighting form, Diggle saves loads of people, including a woman carrying a baby.

Lance and Thea

For many reasons, both Lance and Thea have been sidelined during much of the current Arrow season. “We Fall” gives these two a chance to show their mettle though, organizing Star City to get through the crisis. Oliver may be busy fighting bad guys, but someone has to set up the analog safety stations.

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Like father, like son? When his bus gets stuck in a tunnel that’s under attack, William is the one to get all of his classmates out of danger. He even goes back to save the bully!


Is Vincent a good guy or a bad guy? Arrow has changed our perception about the Vigilante several times over the course of the season, and “We Fall” is no exception. Twice during the episode, Vincent risks his own neck to warn the good guys of what Cayden James is going to do. That does appear to be heroic.


Dinah may spend most of “We Fall” stressing about whether or not she trusts Vincent, but she does get her hero time in as well. After all, no one else on Arrow stops a train wreck with a scream.


Someone needs to deliver the pep talks. And no one pep-talks the Queen men like Felicity Smoak. In addition, Felicity manages to do some hacking even when Cayden James is controlling the entire Internet.

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