The Arrow team may be scattered as the show returns with “Divided,” but that does not stop them from being heroic. Who is the biggest hero of them all in the winter premiere?

Neither Curtis, Dinah nor Rene

While the newer/former members of Team Arrow have their moments in “Divided,” they need to be excluded from all heroic labels at this point. Sure, Curtis works to fix Diggle’s hand, and Rene at least considers recanting his confession hurting Oliver. But these three supposed heroes are way too committed to acting like teenagers after Oliver spied on them.

There is nothing heroic in holding a grudge — especially when it hurts everyone else.

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In addition to sticking with the team and doing everything he can physically, Diggle brings coffee. True hero!


She does not carry weapons, but Felicity may be the true hero of this whole arc on Arrow. Pulling all-nighters and matching Cayden James’ computer skills, this is the hero the team really needs. In “Divided,” Felicity is also the only sane one: She points out that the defectors are essentially acting like petulant children whose daddy read their diaries. If everyone listened to Felicity, the bad guys would already be defeated.

Also, Felicity breaks out Bull Durham quotes to inspire Oliver. That always wins.

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He is a bad man and Star City’s last surviving mobster. However, Bertinelli is also a dedicated family man willing to put his life and freedom on the line for family in general and his daughter in particular. His morality may be questionable, but there is some real heroism in this guest character’s fall.


Despite pending criminal charges that could put him away forever, Oliver Queen does not shirk his hero duties in the slightest throughout “Divided.” Oliver takes on Cayden’s team twice in the episode, both times essentially going in solo. He does a pretty good job too, reminding the audience why this show is called Arrow and not A Whole Bunch of Angst-Ridden Heroes. While Oliver may not be able to take down the bad guys alone, at least he tries.

It is also notable that Oliver — when he realizes he cannot beat the villains — overcomes his pride and apologizes profusely for former breaches of trust. That the others do not accept this just shows how much more heroic Oliver is. Quite frankly, the original Green Arrow really is the biggest hero of “Divided.”

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