The 100 season 3 was a rough viewing experience as pretty much anything that could go wrong, did go wrong (both behind and in front of the camera). As tough as season 3 might have been for the audience, the character of Octavia easily drew the shortest straw. Octavia who has been adrift since the show began lost the one constant in her life when the love of her life, Lincoln, died. According to a recent interview with TVLine when The 100 returns for season 4, Lincoln’s death will still be hitting Octavia hard and the loss will mold her storyline moving forward.

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Octavia did get revenge on Lincoln’s killer at the end of season 3 by killing Pike. According to The 100 showrunner, Jason Rothenberg that is just the beginning of her journey of vengeance, not the end. “Octavia’s story in Season 4 is amazing. She’s got quite a journey ahead of her, and it gets darker before it gets lighter. She’s taking a detour into assassin land. She’ll do whatever she feels she needs to do to hide the pain from the loss of Lincoln,” Rothenberg explained.

Octavia struggled with her identity a bit in season 3 but in season 4 it apparently be the majority of her arc. “Who is she?” Rothenberg asked explaining Octavia’s arc. “She’s not Skaikru. She’s not Trikru. Who is she now that Lincoln is gone, and that her brother — in her mind — is responsible for so many difficult choices? They have some work to do on their relationship. It’s too bad there aren’t any family therapists in this future.”

Speaking of her brother, other than finding herself Octavia will have to also to try to find a way back to her previous relationship with Bellamy. Octavia and Bellamy are completely at odds and that won’t change when The 100 returns for season 4. Octavia won’t have much contact with Bellamy and that will really impact him as well.

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“Part of Bellamy’s journey is realizing that Octavia is her own person and that he needs to let her figure things out for herself,” Rothenberg explained. “He feels incredibly protective of her. His identity, in my ways, is wrapped up in her existence. He feels like her parent, and like all parents, he needs to realize that you have to let your children fly on their own at some point.”

In generalities this all does seem like well-trodden ground from The 100. Bellamy and Octavia have fought before though the circumstances of their season 3 split are obviously the most extreme yet. Octavia has always turned to violence in grief too. So hopefully season 4 will be able to reach new depths with some vaguely familiar territory.

But what do you think? Are you looking forward to Octavia’s arc in season 4? Does it sound interesting or too familiar? How long do you think it will take for Octavia and Bellamy to repair their relationship? Should they ever repair it?

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