Lucifer is in search of yet another new vessel on Supernatural. Lucifer, after yet another temper tantrum, has fled the body of Vince Vincente. Lucifer is on the hunt for another vessel to wreak as much havoc as possible. Here are six possible suggestions for meat puppets that Lucifer could possess on Supernatural

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The President of the United States – David Chisum 

This one actually looks pretty likely but who knows how long it will last or if it is even really a sustainable idea. The winter finale of Supernatural is entitled “LOTUS,” as in Lucifer of the United States, and David Chisum will appear as the President of the United States. With Vince Vincente, Lucifer discovered the perks of inhabiting a vessel with an already established public persona. Moving from a washed-up rockstar to the leader of the free world is a big step but Lucifer is nothing if not ambitious. The only problem is that Lucifer possessing the President might be too big of a story for Supernatural to handle especially with all the other threads going on in the season. 

Mary Winchester – Samantha Smith 

One of those big plot threads that Supernatural has dangling is the return of Mary Winchester. Supernatural could combine both stories, in the most devastating way possible, by having Lucifer possess the newly resurrected Mama Winchester. Supernatural viewers already got a taste of what an evil Mary would look like when she was possessed by a ghost in “The Foundry” and it was terrifying on multiple levels. It would be heart-breaking and deeply personal for the boys to see their mother possessed by Lucifer. It would give the Lucifer storyline an extra layer of tragedy it probably needs. Lucifer can only whine about how God never loved him so many times before it grows very dull. 

John Winchester – Matt Cohen

There are other Winchesters out there for Lucifer to possess that would affect not only Dean and Sam but possibly Mary as well. The Jeffrey Dean Morgan version of John is out as that actor is currently being a villain in his own right on The Walking Dead. While the young John Winchester, played by Matt Cohen, is currently on General Hospital it is not completely impossible for him to turn up again as Lucifer. 

Supernatural would have to do a lot of explaining for how this would work because John is dead and when he did die he looked like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. This is, however, Supernatural and anything is impossible with a little bit of black magic and suspension of disbelief. John being the vessel of Lucifer would bring Mary into the Lucifer storyline without having to rip Sam and Dean’s mother away from them as soon as they got her back. 

Mary is clearly off doing something in her time apart from Sam and Dean. Maybe she is trying to bring John back to life and her efforts will eventually work. It would be in line for Supernatural to mar Mary’s victory with a newly resurrected John being immediately possessed by Lucifer. The body would be appealing for Lucifer since we already know John’s body is strong enough to hold an archangel.

Rowena – Ruth Connell 

In many ways Lucifer possessing Rowena is more unlikely than him possessing John. While it would be cool to see Lucifer posses someone like Rowena (or posses a woman for more than two seconds), Rowena would never willingly accept Lucifer. Rowena is too smart and too mistrustful of Lucifer to ever fall back under his influence again. 

It would be awesome, as Ruth Connell has consistently proven to be a great actress on the show, but there is no story reason for it happening. The other big elephant in the room is that Rowena becoming the new Lucifer would also mean we would probably lose Rowena as a character. Rowena leaving the show is something that no self-respecting Supernatural fan should want to see happen. 

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Nick – Mark Pellegrino 

This is another long shot as Nick is also dead. Supernatural would have to bend over backwards to explain how and why Lucifer would posses his original vessel. Yet there is no Supernatural fan who wouldn’t welcome the return of Mark Pellegrino. Mark is considered by many to be the best actor to play Lucifer. He originated many of the tics and mannerisms that actors have imitated ever since when playing the character. Misha Collins‘ portrayal of Lucifer in season 11 was basically a Pellegrino impression. 

Speaking of Misha’s Lucifer portrayal, one of the big reasons he had to play Lucifer in season 11 was because Mark Pellegrino was busy starring on Quantico. Pellegrino’s role on Quantico has since ended. With no projects lined up, now might be the perfect time for Mark to return to the role that so many Supernatural fans love. 

Adam Mulligan – Jake Abel

My personal top pick, however, is for Supernatural to bring back another long-gone actor to play Lucifer. It is time to bring the forgotten Winchester sibling, Adam, back into the show, or at least acknowledge his existence. 

Adam’s status on Supernatural is a bit of a fan debate. The show has been kind of unclear whether Adam is stuck in the cage in Hell or if he did die in the season 5 finale “Swan Song” and now is in Heaven. If Adam is in Hell, though, it shouldn’t be that hard for Lucifer to find and possess him. It would be a huge wake-up call for the Winchesters if the half-brother they have all but forgotten since season 5 came back as Lucifer to haunt him them in season 12. It would work on multiple levels since Lucifer’s big thing in season 12 is anger over God’s abandonment … again. Sam and Dean should be reminded of the family member they pretty much abandoned. 

But what do you think? Who would you like to see play the new Lucifer? Should it be a new actor entirely, like Rick Springfield was, or should it be a familiar face? Which of these picks would be the most devastating and emotional for the Winchester brothers? Should the vessel of Lucifer directly impact Sam and Dean?

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