Last season on White Collar, Neal cut off his anklet (with Peter’s approval) and fled with Mozzie to escape Agent Kramer, who wanted to arrest him and keep him in D.C. So Neal could work for him permanently. This cliffhanger ending was so unexpected that it spawned so many questions about Neal and Peter’s future, as well as the direction of the series: Where is Neal headed and what are his plans now? What’s going to happen to Peter’s career after sacrificing the law to save Neal from his mentor? Do Neal and Sara still have a future together? 

What to Expect from White Collar Season 4:

Neal and Mozzie

All these questions will hopefully be answered in White Collar season 4, which has already started filming. According to TV Line, the season premiere will take place in Puerto Rico but don’t expect Neil to have the time of his life because someone from the federal government (Mekhi Phifer) will be hunting him down. On the other hand, Neal will be gaining some sort of ally as he meets a wealthy but mysterious local (Gregg Henry) who will help him and Mozzie to hide out. 

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Neal and Peter

Neal’s disappearance, on the other hand, has consequently put the spotlight on Peter’s career. Series creator Jeff Eastin reveals to TV Line, “There’ll be some serious ramifications for Peter.” And while the new season bears a resemblance to the first season now that Peter has to chase Neal all over again, this time, “he’s tracking Neal for a different reason than he was the first time.” More importantly, it looks like Peter and Neal’s friendship will be a lot stronger going into season 4. Eastin explains, “They’ve done this together. They realize how much they do rely upon each other. Again, it comes down to realizing exactly who each of them is.” =”nofollow”>

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The Real Neal Caffrey

Meanwhile, it seems that there’s more to learn about our favorite conman. According to Eastin, “Season 4 will rely heavily on Neal’s pursuit of his family. A lot of the big questions will be, Is his real name Neal Caffrey? If a fan of the show wants to guess, I wouldn’t do it if I were them. I don’t think the answer is what they think it is, no matter what they think it is. To a certain extent you might be right, but you won’t be right for the reasons you think. The discovery of who Neal was becomes a big part of Season 4.

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New Characters

White Collar season 4 will make room for new faces, including The Closer actor Raymond Cruz, who will play a corrupt local official named Enrico Morales, according to TV Guide. TV Live also reports that the show will bring in Crusoe actress Mia Maestro, who will play a local cafe owner and serve as a new love interest for Neal. Does this mean it’s over for Neal and Sara? Fans will just have to wait and see when White Collar returns this summer. 

White Collar returns July 10 at 9pm on USA.

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