On tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds, the team travels to Seattle to investigate a series of murders involving married couples who recently fostered children.

Guy Talk

Garcia’s boyfriend, Kevin, drops by for a visit with Morgan (Shemar Moore) so he can seek Morgan’s advice. Kevin knows Morgan is Garcia’s (Kirsten Vangsness) closest friend and he needs Morgan’s help in planning his proposal to Garcia. Kevin spouts out all of these ridiculous ideas for the big event, but Morgan is late for a briefing so their very awkward conversation is cut short. Garcia sees the conversation between her two boys, but Morgan refuses tell her what they really talked about.

Teacher-Student Syndrome

Two married couples have been shot to death in their homes and another couple is murdered while the team is en-route to Seattle. There is no sign of sexual assault or robbery and there was no forced entry into the victims’ homes.

During the investigation, the team figures out that the UnSub is a woman and she has been killing couples who acted as foster parents, all in a desperate attempt to find her child. The team realizes that the woman must have been in a mental institution and her child was taken away from her when she was committed. When Maggie-the-UnSub finally finds her baby, she spares the adopted mother’s life and takes her son to see her much-younger lover, Tommy. Maggie tells Tommy (her former student) that the baby is theirs and they can be a family now.

Avoidance and Suspicion

Morgan is ignoring Garcia’s many calls and messages after his conversation with Kevin. Garcia is freaking out over what the men talked about, but Kevin covers and claims they talked about sports. Later, Kevin surprises Garcia with dinner, but she says she needs to get back to work. Kevin then tells her she should take the time to eat the red-velvet cupcake he got for her, something he only gives her on special occasions. Kevin leaves Garcia to her work — and her many questions — and says they can talk later.

Suicide by Cop

Maggie wants Tommy to run away with her so no one can keep them apart ever again. One of Tommy’s classmates shows up to ask him to the dance and she sees her former teacher with Tommy, so Maggie-the-UnSub shoots the girl and drives off with her new family.

When the team tracks the love-birds down, Morgan and JJ (A.J. Cook) tell Tommy that he is not Maggie’s first victim. In fact, Maggie wrote her first victim the very same letters she wrote Tommy and she even named her son after him. Once Tommy learns the truth, Maggie knows things are ruined, so she grabs for her gun and Hotch has to shoot her before she can hurt anyone else. Maggie professes her love for Johnny, not Tommy, as she dies.

Bad Timing

After a lot of thinking and a bit of snooping, Garcia figures out what Kevin and Morgan were talking about. When Morgan arrives back at the BAU, he apologizes for ducking Garcia’s calls and she tells him she knows that Kevin is thinking of proposing. Garcia is terrified of the idea because she believes that relationships get messy when they get official and she does not want that to happen with Kevin. Of course, Kevin shows up at that very moment and Morgan excuses himself so Garcia and Kevin can talk.

Kevin knows Garcia has figured out his plan and Garcia explains that she likes their relationship exactly as it is and she does not want it to change. Kevin asks Garcia if she’s against marriage and she says she simply is not ready. Kevin walks away, clearly devastated.

Were you surprised by Garcia’s reaction to Kevin’s planned proposal? Do you think this is the end of their relationship or will they find a way to work things out?

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