This week on Criminal Minds, the team catches the case of a woman driven by maternal instinct to murder those in the way of her being reunited with her son. After she shoots several seemingly unrelated couples, the BAU realizes that she is following the trail of temporary foster parents who looked after her son while she was away in prison. The UnSub finally finds her child, kidnaps him, and attempts to start a normal family with the child’s father, one of her former students who she claims she is in love with. When the team takes her down, they reveal to the father that he was her second student affair, and his child was named after her previous lover. Meanwhile, Kevin speaks to Morgan about wanting to propose to Garcia. After Garcia hacks into Kevin’s computer and finds this out, she confides in Morgan that she does not want to get married just yet. Here are the top 10 tweets about “I Love You, Tommy Brown.”

Recap: “I Love You, Tommy Brown” 

#10. @Emilyfrancko

3 hours of MCAT studying … I think I earned this #CriminalMinds episode.

– I second that statement; it’s an educational show. One time while taking a quiz, I guessed the correct answer based on the way my professor read off the choices. Thank you, Criminal Minds, for teaching me applicable profiling.

#9. @Darknight_tiger

Wow, this lady just managed to get even creepier. #CriminalMinds

– About thirty minutes into this episode I thought the creep factor was stabilized, but it never stopped. I don’t know where the writers’ crazy ideas come from, but if I had them floating around in my head, I could not fall asleep.

#8. @Gchan_s2

Why would you ask what she was doing … is it not clear? Gosh, you should have just ran!!! #CriminalMinds (Referring to a victim asking what the UnSub was doing with a gun.)

– I don’t think negotiation with any of Criminal Minds‘ UnSubs would work, so running would indeed be your best option.

#7. @Rfbryant

OH! Penelope Garcia loves red velvet cupcakes. YES! One more reason to love her! @Vangsness #CriminalMinds

– Red velvet happens to be one of my favorites too. Her cupcakes, her clothes, her desk items… she’s an all around bundle of greatness.

#6. @Thelaststop1983

Romeo and Juliet, bad example lady. Look how they turned out. #CriminalMinds

– I am slightly confused as to how this woman received a teaching degree. I thought the star-crossed lovers were common knowledge, but I guess her insanity flips the table on anything normal. 

#5. @Lizbeth_City

OK so despite the adorable Kevin/Morgan conversation, #CriminalMinds is as creepy and amazing as ever.

– I loved that look Morgan gave after his conversation with Kevin. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but it cracked me up.

#4. @WriterJessMZ

I love you #CriminalMinds, but please stop showing us the UnSub every week. I miss the good old days of trying to guess who it is. Thanks!

– I wish they would alternate, because their approaches show different sides to storytelling. When the UnSub is unknown, it provides for a good mystery, and when the UnSub is revealed early on, it allows them to flesh out a story.

#3. @Sarahflo93

“This is a gun, and inside of it, are what we call bullets.” Love a serial killer with a sense of humor! #CriminalMinds

– The UnSub was sassy tonight and I liked that. It’s interesting to see the different personalities of killers, some more calm than crazy, though they’re all psychopaths.

#2. @Heyymel

Now every time Hotch says “Wheels up,” I think of the song. And that’s not a bad thing. #CriminalMinds (This is the song she is referring to.)

– I agree with you; it’s rather catchy and the cast is adorable. Plus, “Wheels Up” is my favorite recurring line of the series.

#1. @ CrimMinds_CBS

More #CriminalMinds is coming your way! Congrats to Criminal Minds for being renewed for an eighth season!

– Inching closer to 200 episodes. I am still proposing “On to the bananas!” for the official renewal slogan in the future.

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