If there’s one constant on The Flash, it’s that someone is going to screw things up. Most of the time, it’s Barry Allen causing problems, but his heroic colleagues are prone to bad ideas as well. Who caused the most trouble in the season 4 premiere, “The Flash Reborn”?


Barry really is the prime suspect when it comes to a Flash hero making things worse. We are talking about the guy who literally broke time last season, thereby creating a doppelganger that tried to kill everyone.

In “The Flash Reborn,” however, Barry only had limited opportunity to cause trouble. The Flash wasn’t even in the first third of the episode, and then Barry Beautiful Mind-ed his way through much of the rest of the action.

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He still caused trouble though. Barry’s return was heralded by some poor woman losing her coffee to Speed Force action, followed immediately by a whole lot of apples being dumped from a truck. Even back in the lab, lunatic Barry broke a bunch of equipment and then knocked over Joe. Twice.

There also is the additional possibility that Barry really does know what happened to him and what is up with all that “This house is bitchin'” gobbledygook. In that case, he will definitely be causing more trouble in future episodes.


With Barry’s absence, Cisco stepped into more of a leadership role. Alas for Vibe, the sidekick picked up more than a few of the Flash’s “hey, maybe I can break things” habits. Why else would this intelligent young man think that shooting a super-bazooka into the Speed Force would be a good idea? Thankfully, that scheme worked out this time (and did not destroy the universe), but it was a gamble.

Also, Cisco really needs to get back on his evildoer-naming game.

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Caitlin is still — at least occasionally — the evil Killer Frost, works at a dive bar and associates with sketchy people. And of course Caitlin hides all of this from her superhero friends. You just know that Caitlin’s intermittent evil is going to rain tragedy down on everyone soon.

The Wests

The West family can do no wrong.

That may be a bold statement, but it is also pretty much the truth. Joe is his perfect self in “The Flash Reborn” and seems likely to stay that way. Wally does get a little silly whenever he tries to self-promote Kid Flash, but he also did some prime superhero work. Plus, he speaks Japanese!

As for Iris, she not only ran the entirety of Team Flash, but her hair looked perfect the whole time. Seriously, even a self-sacrificing flight with Samuroid did nothing to mess up those curls.

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The Worst?

Speed Force-induced insanity giving Barry a pass this time, the award for biggest screw-up in “The Flash Reborn” is shared by Cisco and Caitlin. Only time (and more episodes) will tell which of them set up The Flash for the greatest trouble in season 4.

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