Betty and Veronica’s friendship is one of the cornerstones of CW’s hit show Riverdale. In the comics, however, it’s a much different story between the famous blonde and brunette. So will their adversarial comic book relationship pop up in Riverdale‘s sophomore season? Or will the two remain the dynamic duo?

We asked actresses Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes about the future of Betty and Veronica’s relationship at San Diego Comic Con. Both actresses stressed that Betty and Veronica won’t be having any cat fights over Archie anytime soon, but there will be some friction in their friendship when we return to Riverdale

“Episode five has some conflict,” Mendes said. “It’s not the type of conflict that you would expect considering what the comics are about, but it is a conflict because Betty has a secret and she can’t share it with Veronica.”

According to Reinhart, the secret will divide the two best friends and create something of a rift in their friendship. Although thankfully it doesn’t sound like a long-term breakup. 

“When you see these girls divided, not necessarily fighting just when they’re not on the same team anymore, it really makes you realize how much you love them together,” Reinhart said. “And how much you love them as these two best friends. As this duo.”

Of course both Betty and Veronica have other things on their minds this season. Besides Betty’s mysterious secret, Veronica will also be dealing with the return of her father Hiram, played in Riverdale‘s second season by Mark Consuelos. 

“She can’t really trust him considering she knows what he’s done. He’s actually trying to step into her life again and play more of an active role as her father, but at first she’s hesitant. But that changes,” Mendes said. “With that being said, Hiram is still the shark he’s always been, he’s still a businessman, that hasn’t changed. And he’s keeping a lot of secrets from Veronica.”

Both say that Riverdale will be even more intense in the show’s second season. 

“We pick up the pace even more and it’s just a rush from start to finish,” Reinhart said.

Watch the full interview with Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart below: 

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