Ally learns a valuable lesson in trusting people in this episode of American Horror Story: Cult, titled “Mid-Western Assassin.” The heavily edited episode shows just how deep fear runs and the sadistic mindset of a cult. While Ally believes she’s doing the right thing to save a friend, she finds herself lost, alone and afraid more than ever before. Is there any way out for her now?

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Can Dr. Vincent Be Trusted?

We start where the previous episode of American Horror Story: Cult left Ally. After Meadow tells her that Ivy is part of the cult, Ally decides to hang up the call to her wife and lock the doors. Dr. Vincent then calls to make sure Ally is okay. Ivy called him to let him know that she sounded scared and anxious.

Can Ally trust him or anything that is happening? She isn’t sure, but she does know one thing: she has to save Meadow from possible death.

So Ally rushes across the road to get Meadow away from Harrison. The two are caught and chased, forcing Ally to take Meadow to the restaurant.

Meadow Shares the Truth

It’s finally time for Meadow to open up. She tells all about falling in love with Kai and being drawn into the cult. But it isn’t a happy ending. When Kai recruited Ivy, Meadow felt unloved and decided to leave. But Kai wouldn’t let her and organized for her to die. Had Ally not saved her, she would have been six feet under by now.

Now there is nowhere to go. The police in the town are part of the cult, and no one else will believe the story. Ally decides they need to go to someone who can help, so she takes Meadow to Dr. Vincent and goes to see a woman.

Why Ivy Hates Ally

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of the past again on American Horror Story: Cult. After finding out that Gary chopped off his arm to vote, Ivy goes to see Winter. This is the perfect chance for Winter to pull Ivy into the cult.

In Kai’s basement, Ivy plays the pinkie game and shares all about her greatest fear. It’s not the new president but rather the thought of sleeping in the same bed as her wife again. That hatred for her wife runs deep and has been there since Oz’s birth.

It turns out Ally is Oz’s birth mom but not completely by choice. Ivy wanted to but couldn’t due to medical issues. Giving birth to Oz was something Ally used (albeit possibly unintentionally) over Ivy and refused to let Ivy feed him one bottle. Oz was breastfed until he was 3, and Ivy continued to feel pushed out. Voting for Jill Stein was just the top of the iceberg.

Now Ivy wants out of the marriage and needs Kai’s help. She doesn’t want Ally murdered for the sake of Oz but does want full custody of her son. Kai makes a promise that they’ll make sure Ally will never be able to get custody.

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Kai Meets Sally

In the present day, Sally makes it known that she is running for the City Council seat. She doesn’t want Kai to continue to scare people and needs to turn the country around.

It’s just the news that Ally needs to hear. This is the woman she believes she can go to with the news of the cult. There is some irony when Sally pulls out a gun after hearing Ally knock on the door the first time. If she doesn’t want to give in to fear, why would she initially think she was being attacked?

After hearing Ally’s story, Sally decides to believe at least some of it, enough to help get rid of Kai. Unfortunately, the cult has other plans. Kai and his clowns are back to take another victim. This time, they leave a suicide note on Sally’s Facebook page. After all, it’s on Facebook, so everyone will believe it! Anything on Facebook is true, right?

Just before the clowns leave, one of them makes her way to the bathroom that Ally is hiding in. Ally instantly recognizes the body of the clown to be Ivy and calls out to her. The possible Ivy clown doesn’t have a chance to react, as Kai calls for all the clowns to leave. Ally is now free to get out of the house, but by the time she gets to Dr. Vincent, Meadow is gone. Dr. Vincent tries to convince Ally to check herself into a psychiatric hospital, but Ally storms out.

Meadow Attempts to Assassinate Kai

Meadow decided to leave to get to Kai’s rally the next morning. Ally finds Meadow weaving her way through the crowd to the front. As everyone cheers around the City Council hopeful, Meadow pulls out a gun and shoots a bystander before shooting Kai in the leg. Meadow then shoots a few other people in the crowd.

Ally gets to Meadow, but it’s not enough. Meadow turns the gun on herself and kills herself in front of everyone. Ally is left holding the gun as the police come.

An American Horror Story: Cult flashback shows us that this was all orchestrated by Kai. An attempted assassination will instill more fear into the people and push his election chances further up. It also helps Ally get arrested, so Ivy has a much better chance of winning full custody of Oz.

Did you expect all the twists and turns in this episode? What will Ally do now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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