For interviews with the biggest names in sports, look no further than “In Depth” with Graham Bensinger. Graham is a top-notch interviewer who shares his insightful and entertaining conversations with athletes, celebrities, and important figures with his fans. Viewers can watch his show online, or listen to his podcast.

But where can you stream “In Depth” online? In video format, you can watch full episodes of this tv-pg show on and Youtube TV with subscriptions. You can also purchase individual episodes to watch now on Amazon Prime Video. Not every season is available to stream. 

To listen to “In Depth” as a podcast, stream them on popular podcast sites, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. According to Apple Podcasts, Graham’s podcast version of the show is the only place to get the full interview, including the parts cut for television time constraints.

What Is “In Depth with Graham Bensinger” About?

A natural interviewer, Graham Bensinger decided to take his skills around the world and interview the biggest names in sports and entertainment. From hall of fame athletes to award-winning celebrities, Graham captures incredible moments and truly inspiring stories from his guests. He manages to showcase their genuine personalities while digging deep into their own personal stories and lived experiences. 

“In Depth” began when Bensinger decided to fly to India to interview the world’s best cricket player, Virat Kohli. At the time, the show consisted of him and his camera and continued that way for all of season one and season two. But the show immediately took off, which allowed him to expand to over-the-air network syndication. Season four aired on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Graham recently finished season 11 of “In Depth.”

What Are Some Must-Watch Episodes?

With 11 seasons and 128 episodes of “In Depth,” catching up might seem intimidating. While you can always skim through episode lists for interviews with your favorite celebrities or sports figures, you might be missing out on great episodes. Who knows, you might just find a new celebrity or athlete to fall in love with. 

Here are a few notable episodes of “In Depth” to add to your watchlist.

Charles Barkley

This NBA icon, Sir Charles, speaks with Graham about his impressive career, being a part of the 1992 “Dream Team,” and his relationship with Michael Jordan. Barkley also shares a story about a run-in with the law as a child and the life-changing impact it had on him. 

Brett Favre

NFL Hall of Famer, Brett Favre, sits down with Graham to talk about everything Green Bay Packers. From his legendary career to his false retirement start, Favre tells it all. He even discusses his relationship with Aaron Rodgers. 

Tom Hanks

Award-winning actor and American acting icon Tom Hanks calls in from Greece to speak with Graham about his most rewarding and challenging roles. Hanks also gets real while talking about his first marriage, his wife Rita Wilson, and his father. But, most importantly, the two discuss everything they can about baseball.

Bob Costas

Graham sat down in New York City with 29-time Emmy award winner Bob Costas. After an impressive career, Costas shares some of his most unforgettable interviews. He reflects on his impressive career and even some missed opportunities that could have taken his life in a different direction. Graham also speaks to Costas friends and colleagues, including NBC correspondent Mary Carillo, filmmaker Ken Burns, and HBO Sports head Ross Greenburg.

Jimmie Johnson

Joining seven-time NASCAR Series Cup champion Jimmie Johnson at an IndyCar race in California, Graham experiences the thrill of the raceway. Johnson shares his opinion on the future of Formula1 and discusses the reasons he chose to retire from NASCAR in 2020. What’s more, he gives Graham a tour of his memorabilia warehouse in Charlotte. 

Jerry Rice

In 2013, Graham sat down with three times Super Bowl Champion Jerry Rice. The two chatted about his unwavering love for the game and how his childhood helped him prepare for his career. 

Doug Ellin

Fans of HBO’s “Entourage” will love Graham’s interview with creator and writer Doug Ellin. The two talk all about the show, its crazy success, and the best celebrity cameos. Also, Ellin goes into just how desperate some of his career dry spells were.

Arthur Blank

Graham gets a tour of the best-in-class Atlanta Falcons stadium from owner Arthur Blank himself. During their interview, Blank reflects on his journey building The Home Depot as co-founder, stepping back from the store that brought him so much. The two sports fans also discuss everything from Michael Vick’s conviction to Bobby Petrino’s abandonment. 

How Many Episodes of “In Depth” Are There?

Currently, there are 11 seasons of “In Depth.” According to Apple Podcasts, there are 228 episodes available to listen to as podcasts. Due to the multi-media aspect of the show, fans can get different experiences depending on how they watch. Not all of Graham’s interviews are available to stream, so sites like Amazon and Youtube may only have a select number of episodes.

When Are New Episodes of “In Depth” Released?

You can listen to new podcast episodes of “In Depth” wherever you stream podcasts every Tuesday and Thursday. New TV show episodes air on NBC Sports Wednesday mornings at 11 a.m. EST and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. EST. 

About Graham Bensinger

Graham Bensinger

Graham Bensinger has always had a knack for talking sports and interviewing people. His passion for broadcasting started in middle school. In 8th grade he began an internet-based sports radio station and eventually bought time on St. Louis AM radio. As his audience began to grow, his sports show eventually aired on Sporting News Radio and ESPN Radio’s St. Louis stations. 

This air time allowed Graham the opportunity to secure an interview with Philadelphia Eagles player Terrell Owens. During this interview, Owens made a couple of comments that his fellow teammates felt were inappropriate. They suspended him from the team because of them. Graham would later go on to interview O.J. Simpson, Diane Sawyer, and more when The Graham Bensinger Show aired on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. 

Graham started writing for the ESPN website and eventually began appearing on television, interviewing athletes. He also worked on an ESPN podcast and as an ESPNU sideline reporter. In 2009, he partnered with NBC Sports to create a long-form video interview program that would air on NBC platforms.

It wasn’t until 2010 that Graham decided to stop working for other shows and started his own. “In Depth” with Graham Bensinger was born, and the interviews started flowing. Now his show reaches 3 million broadcast viewers and 2.5 million digital viewers per episode.

What started as a passion for sports has turned into an impressive career that includes travel, interviews, and even award nominations. “In Depth” won an Emmy for Graham’s interview with Mike Tyson in 2013.

About Graham Bensinger’s Emmy Award

Graham Bensinger won an Emmy in 2013 after interviewing heavy-weight champion, Mike Tyson. Graham spent two days with Tyson at his Las Vegas, Nevada, home getting to know a side of the boxer that the public doesn’t normally get to see. During the interview, Tyson opens up about his violent childhood, his long struggle with drugs, and his excessive lifestyle after his rise to fame. Tyson admits that after everything he has been through over the years, he is no longer “Iron Mike,” he is a completely different person. 

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