If you love to follow the highs and lows of the English Premier Football League or their NFL counterparts in American football, odds are you are already a fan of the original docuseries called “All or Nothing,” put out by Amazon Studios

“All or Nothing” offers an inside look at the players, coaches, practices, and general operations of some of the world’s most beloved football teams from both sides of the Atlantic. The series occasionally covers the odd rugby team or ice hockey team to add even more appeal for sports fans. This article will provide all of the latest information on “All or Nothing,” from previous seasons to the next release date.

Where Can You Watch “All or Nothing?”

As “All or Nothing” is an Amazon Prime Video original, the only place where fans can access the documentary series is on that streaming platform. 

What Is “All or Nothing” About?

The “All or Nothing” series is a popular Amazon Prime Video original documentary about English Premier League Football and NFL Football, predominantly. Each season focuses on one particular professional sports club or national team. Each episode features all of the highs and lows of that team’s competitions, behind-the-scenes dramas, and practice sessions. 

The five seasons that deal with American football teams are narrated by Jon Hamm. The episodes featuring Premier League or national teams are narrated by famous fans of each team, such as Sir Ben Kingsley serving as the voice of the 2018 Manchester City season and Tom Hardy for the 2020 season’s focus on Tottenham Hotspur.

Is “All or Nothing” a Documentary?

“All or Nothing” is an eight-part documentary series that began in 2016. There are currently five full seasons that center on American football teams and three full seasons focused on major teams in the English Champion’s League. 

A few additional segments of “All or Nothing” also highlight other special sports teams, such as the one dedicated to college football and showcasing the Michigan Wolverines. Other special segments include one on the Brazil National Team, one on the Toronto Maple Leaf’s ice hockey team, and one on the Rugby Union highlighting the New Zealand All Blacks.

About the Teams on “All or Nothing”

With so many possible “All or Nothing” team options, it can be difficult to even know where to start. As each season focuses on a different football team or football club, it is not a show that a viewer needs to watch in chronological order but rather one that you may wish to hop around to check out the teams that interest you most. 

The following segments will provide details on the sports teams comprising the first five seasons. Notable players and coaches will be specified, as will any major special events that may sway your decision on what to watch first.

Season 1: Arizona Cardinals

All or Nothing: Arizona Cardinals

The 2015 Arizona Cardinals season was a special one for “All or Nothing” as the Cardinals had a banner year. Not only did they pull off their first-ever 13-win season and a first-ever first-round bye in the franchise’s history, they likewise won the NFC West title for the first time since 2009. Head coach Bruce Arians is in his third year during this season, and quarterback Carson Palmer excites fans with his first playoff win.

Season 2: Los Angeles Rams

All or Nothing: Rams

Highlighting the Rams’ 79th season in the NFL, the second season of the “All or Nothing” series focused on the final year of head coach Jeff Fisher, in 2016. As the Rams had spent the previous 21 seasons in St. Louis, this was also their homecoming year back in Los Angeles. 

Fans were treated to a return of the infamous white uniforms made in original dedication to the age of the “Fearsome Foursome” and the first sighting of the white helmet horns that would feature so heavily in the following season. 

Unfortunately, the uniforms may have been the only positive for the Rams that season as it marked their 12th time failing to make the playoffs and 10th consecutive losing season. Coach Fisher was fired after the fateful December night that the Rams lost to the Atlanta Falcons and John Fassel carried the Rams through another three losses to the end of the season.

Season 3: Dallas Cowboys

All or Nothing: Cowboys

Always a high-stakes and controversial favorite amongst NFL fans, the Dallas Cowboys filled the 2017 season three of “All or Nothing” with striking sports moments. One of the most notable was the absence of beloved quarterback Tony Romo from the opening day roster. Romo had been a cornerstone of the team since 2002 but announced his retirement in April of that year. 

Head coach Jason Garrett replaced Romo with Dak Prescott, who goes on to lead the Cowboys to this day. Though the 2017 season as captured by “All or Nothing” was certainly full of amazing games and unexpected twists, most heartbreaking for Cowboys fans is when the team is eliminated from the playoffs in week 16 after losing in a tight game with the Seattle Seahawks.

Season 4: Carolina Panthers

All or Nothing: Panthers

Head coach Ron Rivera leads the Carolina Panthers for their eighth season throughout this season of “All or Nothing.” Having lost both assistant head coach Steve Wilks and offensive coordinator Mike Shula just ahead of this season, the Panthers are facing an untested organizational terrain. 

Some might say this uncertainty led to shaky ground as viewers watch a painful seven-game losing streak that cut the Panthers from playoff possibilities and disallowed them to improve their previous year’s record. The one joyous high of this season is the Panthers’ defeat of their greatest division rival, the New Orleans Saints.

Season 5: Philadelphia Eagles

All or Nothing: Eagles

In the fifth season of “All or Nothing,” the Philadelphia Eagles enjoy a time rich in the gaining of strong players. Running back Jordan Howard, defensive tackle Malik Jackson, and wide receiver DeSean Jackson all join the team during this season. 

Though the Eagles were tipped early as potential Super Bowl contenders for 2019, a series of injuries and wobbly playing strategy ended up costing the Eagles a few valuable games in the early part of the season. They do land the NFC East division title during this season under head coach Doug Pederson but miss out on Super Bowl qualification after a Wild Card loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Will There Be a New Season of “All or Nothing” in 2022?

Since the most recent of the “All or Nothing” series additional segments aired — a popular one called “All or Nothing: Juventus” in 2021 about the Italian Serie A team — fans have been wondering if there will be a new season to look forward to. 


The excellent news is that season six of “All or Nothing” has been announced and will feature Arsenal, from the Borough of Islington in North London. Though no formal release date has been specified, the speculation is for “All or Nothing” to launch season six in the Fall of 2022. Led by Spanish professional football manager and former player, Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal episodes of “All or Nothing” are sure to be captivating for avid Premier League viewers and many others.

Will there be an “All or Nothing” NFL in 2022?

Unfortunately, for American football fans, Amazon has not announced any plans for the “All or Nothing” NFL series in 2022 or in the foreseeable future. In fact, according to an article by The Daily Mail, Amazon looks to continue its relations with the British Premier League by potentially selecting Newcastle United for the next season.

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