‘Love is love’ they say, and age is just a number.

For the lovers of a heart-touching telenovela, “Si Nos Dejan” is a breath of fresh air. Literally translated to ‘If They Let Us’, this Mexican telenovela is a remake of a 1993 Colombian telenovela “Señora Isabel” that premiered from June 1 to October 11, 2021. It has also been cited as the best Mexican telenovela in 2021. 

The story of “Si Nos Dejan” revolves around 50-year-old Alicia who discovers her husband, Sergio, having an affair with his co-worker, Julieta (played by Scarlet Gruber). As the series moves on, we find that Alicia falls in love with Martin, a 35-year-old man, but the wrath of society makes it difficult for them to traverse the relationship. 

“Si Nos Dejan” sheds light on society’s double standards, masculinity, and the role of a mother in a household. 

Mayrín Villanueva and Marcus Ornellas, the show’s leading couple, bless us with some exceptional performances. Alexis also shows up as the perfect villain, and Monica Dionne’s performance will surely win your heart. 

With fantastic production and first-class cinematography, “Si Nos Dejan” makes you feel every emotion — love and empowerment being the strongest of all. 

Read this article to know more about the show “Si Nos Dejan.” We cover everything from the cast to where you can stream this soulful Mexican telenovela.


Where Can You Watch “Si Nos Dejan?”

You can watch the drama series “Si Nos Dejan,” starring Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas, and Alexis Ayala on Univision. It is also streaming on Roku.

What Is “Si Nos Dejan” About?

In “Si Nos Dejan,” we see Alicia, a beautiful, soulful, and mature woman in her fifties, supposedly living her dream life with her husband Sergio, a reputed TV journalist. Together they have three beautiful children: Yuri, Gonzalo, and Miranda.

However, it’s never all roses and sunshine. One fateful day, Alicia receives a mysterious text from an unknown number that requests her to visit a particular address. Upon reaching, nobody responds, but she finds the door ajar. As she opens the door, she is drawn by the moans of a woman. Hell breaks loose when she finds Sergio’s clothes on her way to the bedroom, where she catches him making love to another woman. Upon discovering Sergio’s infidelity, her idea of a perfect family feels like a sham. 

Adding to her agony, Alicia’s daughters blame her for being the reason behind their father abandoning them — apart from that, Alicia’s mother Eva pesters her to forgive Sergio. 

Thankfully, Alicia’s best friends Fedora and Rebecca give her company as she tackles her shattered life. 

Finally, Alicia’s life takes a beautiful turn when love knocks on her door. She falls for Martín, a man much younger than her. Martin is a freelance journalist (professional rival of Sergio) and a divorced man who lives with his daughter, Sofia. 

Martín sees Alicia as a woman with aspirations of her own, something that she completely forgot. Alicia finds solace in Martín, but there is more than what meets the eye; they are madly and deeply in love.

Here begins Alicia’s story. A woman who once prioritized her family’s happiness before her own will now do what her heart desires, even if that means falling in love with a man much younger. And for anyone that questions her and her freedom, she will fight them too. 

About Mayrín Villanueva (Alicia Montiel)

Mayrín Villanueva

Born in Mexico City on October 8, 1971, Mayrín is a Mexican television, film, and theatre actress. Well-known for her stellar roles in “Vecinos” (2005), “Yo amo a Juan Querendón” (2007) and “Niña… amada mía” (2003). Mayrín plays the role of Alicia in “Si Nos Dejan,” who has a character arc that you will root for.  

Alicia seems to be proud of her model family with a successful husband and three beautiful kids. However, Alicia finds herself in a rut as she grows unhappy with her routine and often finds herself thinking about the dreams she abandoned to dedicate herself to her family. 

Upon discovering Sergio’s unfaithfulness in their marriage, Alicia’s life takes a turn. For Alicia, the betrayal is enormous. After hours and hours of crying and insomnia, she must decide whether she wants to forgive her husband or preserve her dignity by requesting a divorce.

When she meets Martín Guerra (played by Marcus Ornellas), Alicia decides to rebuild her life and fulfill her long-lost aspirations.

About the Main Cast and Characters of “Si Nos Dejan”

Marcus Ornellas:

Marcus Ornellas

In this telenovela, Marcus gives life to Martín Guerra, who is a young journalist, the father of daughter Sofia (Elissa Marie), and the love interest of the protagonist (Alicia). Despite their age difference, they share a sizzling romance.

Alexis Ayala:

Alexis Ayala

Alexis Ayala plays the role of Sergio Carranza, the antagonist in the series. Sergio is a prestigious television presenter, journalist, and Alicia’s husband who has been cheating on her for three years with his co-worker, Julieta. When Alicia finds them in bed together, the couple’s lives take a series of twists and turns before she finally decides to divorce him.

Scarlet Gruber:

Scarlet Gruber

Scarlet plays the role of Julieta Lugo, another antagonist in the series, who is characterized as a beautiful, charismatic, successful, and talented journalist. She is the lover of the great Sergio Carranza (Alexis Ayala). Julieta and Alexis both hide their romance from the world because of Alexis’ marital status and their popularity. Julieta belongs to a generation of women who have detached themselves from the duties of a housewife.

Isadora Vives:

Isadora Vives

Isadora plays the role of Miranda Carranza Montiel, Alicia and Sergio’s youngest daughter. She is a rebellious young woman. 

Isabel Burr:

Isabel Burr

Isabel plays the role of Yuridia ‘Yuri’ Carranza Montiel, Alicia’s eldest daughter and a lawyer who falls in love with José Rafael Fuentes. 

Álex Perea:

Álex Perea

Alex plays the role of José Rafael Fuentes, a charismatic young peddler who is accused (unfairly) of murdering Martin’s brother. Yuri steps forward to be his lawyer to fight his case and get him out of jail. Due to their long encounters, Yuri ends up falling in love with him. 

Susana Dosamantes:

Susana Dosamantes

Susana plays the role of Eva Montiel, and is Alicia’s mother in this melodrama. According to her, Alicia’s idea of divorcing her husband would be bad for the family’s prestige, and she tries to save their marriage. She doesn’t bat an eye at Alicia’s suffering.

Carlos Said:

Carlos Said

Carlos plays the role of Gonzalo, Alicia and Sergio’s only son. Unlike other children, he supports Alicia when she decides to leave Sergio. 

Elissa Marie:

Elissa Marie

Elissa plays the role of Sofia, Martin’s daughter. Thanks to her character, we get to witness Martin’s fatherly side. 

Mónica Dionne and Henry Zakka:

Mónica Dionne and Henry Zakka

Dionne and Zakka play the role of a mature couple Rebecca and Fabián, who are Alicia and Sergio’s confidants.

How Many Episodes are in “Si Nos Dejan?”

Mexican telenovela, “Si Nos Dejan,” produced by W Studios for Televisa, has a total of 83 episodes. 

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