Fans have enjoyed the music and followed the lives of hip-hop royalty such as Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa, Rev Run, Master P, Damon Dash, and more. Now fans have the chance to see the lives of the children of these stars. From making it in fashion to finding love, or overcoming struggles of growing up in the public view, they are making their dreams come true.

This WE TV reality TV series has grown in popularity over the seasons. With the recent conclusion of “Growing Up Hip Hop” season six, fans are eager to catch up with their favorite stars. Whether you are new to the show or need to catch up on season six, here is where you can binge all the drama and excitement of “Growing Up Hip Hop” (GUHH).

Where Can You Watch “Growing Up Hip Hop?”

Fans can catch reruns of “Growing Up Hip Hop” on WE TV. If you want to watch from the beginning, you can purchase episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Select seasons are also available to stream on Fubo TV.

If you want to catch up on the “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” or New York spin-offs, you can also purchase them on Amazon Prime Video.

What is “Growing Up Hip Hop” About?

Premiering in 2016, “Growing Up Hip Hop” follows the children of Hip Hop legends as they pursue their careers outside their parents’ shadows. As of season six, the show features Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Damon “Boogie” Dash, Egypt Criss, Cree Campbell, and Briana Latrise.

Spinoffs include “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York,” which follows rapper royalty in those cities. The cast includes Bow Wow, Shaniah Mauldin, Jojo Simmons, and Jeffery Atkins Jr.

Show creator Datari Turner wanted to start documenting Black legacy. In an interview with, he said Black legacy “… is something that you didn’t see 20 years ago.”

About the Creator of “Growing Up Hip Hop”

Turner is incredibly proud of “Growing Up Hip Hop.” He gladly documents the cast as they continue to write their own stories and pursue their own goals. He wants to continue to elevate Black culture and keep pushing it in the right direction.

Datari Turner has produced 30 feature films and hundreds of hours of original television for networks WE TV, Starz, BET, The Oxygen Network, and TVOne. According to his IMDB, he is an incredibly busy producer, lending his name to a number of projects. As an alumnus of the ABC/Disney talent program in 2004, he had the pleasure of working with Meghan Markle. They went on to film “Dysfunctional Friends” together which won awards at ABFF.

About the Cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop”

What makes the heart of a show like “Growing Up Hip Hop” is the cast. The children of hip-hop royalty carve their own paths in the world, and fans get a chance at a sneak peek into their real lives.  

Growing Up Hip Hop Cast

Current Cast Members

  • Angela Simmons: Angela is the daughter of Rev Run (of Run-D.M.C). She first appeared on the reality TV show “Run’s House” and has since made a name for herself. She is the editor of the monthly magazine, Angela’s Rundown, and has launched fashion lines with her sister Vanessa.
  • Damon Boogie Dash: He may be Linda Williams and Damon Dash’s son, but this entrepreneur knows what fans really want: cookies! Really good cookies. His brand Chipz Cookies is famous for a remixed chocolate chip with a Belgian chocolate base in a brownie style with white chocolate chips. He also owns a record label, One For All Records, and an NYC art gallery.
  • Egypt Criss: Pepa (Salt – N – Pepa) and Treach’s daughter is a part-time model, successful musician, and runs her own jewelry line called Be.See.Own. Her single BOSS recently hit the scene. Egypt finds herself in the news recently after marrying her costar Sam Mattick.
  • Vanessa Simmons: Daughter of Rev Run and Angela’s sister, Vanessa started on the show as a supporting cast member. She has since become a show regular. She owns a fashion line with her sister and appeared in the ensemble film produced by Datari Turner, “Dysfunctional Friends.”
  • Cree Campbell: Daughter of Uncle Luke, the frontman of “2 Live Crew,” she is an entrepreneur who runs several businesses, including her event company City Girls. Most fans know her as the resident reality show villain.
  • Briana Latrise: Joining the show in its fourth season, she is the eldest daughter of record executive Kendu Issacs. Latrise is an author of her own success. She is a TV writer for the show “The People in the Back.”
  • Tahira Tee Tee Francis: Niece of Pepa, Tahira became a recurring member of the cast in season three. Recently, in season six, she joined the cast full-time after her engagement to Shawn Rogers. Since joining the cast, she regularly finds herself at the center of drama involving Pepa and Egypt.
  • Sakoya Wynter: Daughter of R&B artist Jo-Jo Hailey, she hopes to make a name for herself in the music world. Joining the cast at the end of season five, Sakoya readily admits to causing drama and being a brat. 

Former Cast Members

  • Romeo Miller: Son of Master P, he began his career at age 11 as Lil’ Romeo. He went on to star in his own Nickelodeon sitcom “Romeo!” A cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop” since season one, he left the show after breaking up with co-star and ex-fiance Angela in season five.
  • Kristinia DeBarge: Daughter of James DeBarge, she followed in her father’s footsteps and released her debut single, Goodbye, in 2009. Her album went platinum, so she followed it with the album Exposed. She has recently launched her own cosmetics company, Krissy D Cosmetics. It boasts a vegan brush set and a waterproof mascara, both of which sold out in minutes.
  • Andre King: Brother of Swizz Beatz, King appeared in season two. During that season, he decided to come out to his family and friends. He has since made a name for himself as a model, actor, and designer.
  • TJ Mizell: Son of DJ Jam Master Jay. After his father’s murder in 2002, TJ works to follow in his father’s footsteps. He learned how to DJ as a teenager at the Scratch Academy. TJ started Doperoots, a record label that specializes in promoting DJs and Producers.

Recurring Cast Members

While it is amazing to get to see what these new trailblazers are up to, it is always exciting to see their celebrity parents and other musicians appear on the show!

  • Sandra Pepa Denton: Pepa is one-third of the famous group Salt-n-Pepa. She is Egypt Criss’ mom. In the show, she is both a support system and an obstacle to Egypt’s own musical career.
  • Rev Run: The father of both Angela and Vanessa Simmons, he notably helps Angela with a stalker situation in season one. Most recently he has joined the cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York” with his son, Jojo.
  • Layzie Bone: This rap legend joined the cast during season six to help Pepa and Stevie J school the rookies in the rap game. He also helped Lil Eazy E carry on his father’s legacy. Being able to help Eazy E’s legacy is the reason he chose to join the show. 
  • Master P: Father of Romeo Miller and the founder of No Limit Records, he has won awards including 2001’s “Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist” at the American Music Awards. Master P. left the show when his son Romeo left the cast.
  • Bow Wow: Angela Simmons’ ex-boyfriend, Bow Wow appeared on the show while they dated. Snoop Dogg discovered him in the 1990s, and he has been making music ever since. Now he is a regular cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Will There Be a Season 8 of “Growing Up Hip Hop?”

There is no official word on season eight of “Growing Up Hip Hop.” Fans will have to wait to hear if WE TV renews or cancels the show. “Growing Up Hip Hop: New York” season two and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” season five are also waiting on official word on their renewal status.

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