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About “Kids Baking Championship” on Food Network

“Kids Baking Championship” is a fun-filled, competitive reality show that offers a group of talented young bakers the chance to prove their skills and vie for the show’s ultimate grand prize. Having just finished up its tenth season, the show first aired in February 2015. 

In 2018, “Kids Baking Championship” achieved the highest ratings ever reached by a series in the Food Network’s history. Season 10 premiered on December 27, 2021, and the two finale episodes of the championship season aired on February 21. The show is currently on break and as of June 2022, fans are waiting for Food Network to make an official announcement regarding whether or not the show will continue for “Kids Baking Championship” season 11.

In addition to the show’s 79 regular-season episodes, the Food Network has also aired six special episodes, including Halloween-themed and Christmas-themed challenges featuring a few of the show’s most popular past contestants and smaller prizes, such as new bakeware.

How “Kids Baking Championship” Works

This family-friendly dessert competition films in Knoxville, Tennessee, where judges test a group of kid bakers on their baking skills and creativity. The contestants are instructed to craft innovative sweets, such as a colorful unicorn cake, taco-inspired cakes, or realistic zebra cakes! 

The tenth and latest season of “Kids Baking Championship” features the show’s youngest group of contestants ever, with bakers ranging between the ages of eight to 11. The 10-week competition involves a series of baking challenges designed to narrow the contestants down to the single most talented baker in the kitchen. The winner earns a grand prize of $25,000, a feature in Food Network Magazine, and the title of kids baking champion.

At the beginning of “Kids Baking Championship” season 10, twelve young contestants are invited onto the show, which has been hosted since its inception by the two judges, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli. During each weekly episode, Duff and Valerie guide the young bakers through a unique, timed baking test in a well-equipped kitchen with a fully stocked pantry. Bakers are challenged to show off their originality while creating cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and countless other yummy sweets. 

When time is up for the challenge, all contestants must stop and get ready to present their desserts to the judges. While the judge eats each dessert, their reactions are shown for the audience to watch. After tasting the desserts, Duff and Valerie then engage each baker, one by one, discussing the appearance and taste of their dessert. 

Once all of the desserts have been judged, the group of kid bakers is brought together for the elimination phase. The judges begin by announcing their favorite dessert, designating the week’s winning baker, and saving that contestant from elimination. Then one by one, additional contestants are also saved from elimination. When the last two contestants are reached, they are brought forward and the judges explain why their desserts have landed them in the bottom two for the week. Finally, the contestant to be eliminated is announced. The judges and fellow bakers say goodbye and the episode ends with a look at the next week’s challenge.

Each season’s finale episode features the few final bakers who have made it through every elimination round. Like every episode before, the finale involves a timed baking test. In the end, the winner is crowned the next Kids Baking Champion.

Past Winners of “Kids Baking Championship”

  • Season 1: Hollis Johnson, age 12 from Jacksonville, FL, won with a lemon cake.
  • Season 2: Rebecca Beale, age 13 from Graham, TX, won with a beach-themed lemon chiffon cake.
  • Season 3: Aidan Berry, age 12 from Shalimar, FL, won with a super villain-themed lemon rosemary olive oil cake.
  • Season 4: Linsey Lam, age 13 from Closter, NJ, won with a chocolate birthday cake.
  • Season 5: Natasha Jiwani, age 13 from Bellevue, WA, won with a rainbow vanilla cake.
  • Season 6: Paige Goehner, age 11 from Blaine, MN, won with a pretzel-themed chocolate cake.
  • Season 7: Trevin Alford, age 11 from Washington, IN, won with a space-themed orange cake.
  • Season 8: Graysen Pinder, age 13 from Wilmington, NC, won with a pineapple-themed chocolate cake.
  • Season 9: Keaton Ashton, age 12 from Sugar City, ID, won with a desert-themed chocolate cake.
  • Season 10: Nadya Alborz, age 10 from Knoxville, TN, won with a San Francisco-themed white cake.

About the Hosts and Judges of “Kids Baking Championship”

“Kids Baking Championship” has been hosted and judged by the same two co-hosts, Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman, for all ten seasons. Together, the hosts create a youthful, lively environment where the contestants are made to feel welcome and encouraged to show off their baking talents.

About Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli

Showcasing her bubbly personality and wonderful way with children, Valerie Bertinelli is a favorite of “Kids Baking Championship.” Valerie originally gained fame in the 70s and 80s as an award-winning child actress on CBS’s hit show “One Day at a Time.” Later in the 2000s, she found success as an adult actress on the TV shows “Touched by an Angel” and “Hot in Cleveland.” Valerie has also appeared in feature films, made-for-TV movies, additional sitcoms, mini-series, and other popular productions.

It was 2015 when Valerie began her thriving career at the Food Network, starring both in her own show, “Valerie’s Home Cooking“, as well as “Kids Baking Championship” alongside top cake artist Duff Goldman. A self-professed fan of the famed Julia Child, Valerie has explained that she was taught to cook by her aunt and mother, learning from them in the kitchen since she was only six years old. As of June 2022, “Valerie’s Home Cooking” is currently airing new episodes in its 13th season. The star has also released several books over her career, including memoirs and cookbooks, and has worked alongside other famous chefs like Giada De Laurentiis.

Valerie is also known for being the former wife of the late Eddie Van Halen. She and Eddie share a son, Wolfgang Van Halen, whom she lovingly refers to as Wolfie. Bonus fact? Valerie shared that her favorite food from a fast-food restaurant is a Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s!

About Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman

Great with kids and cakes alike, Duff Goldman is an award-winning cake artist and pastry chef who brings decades of baking expertise to “Kids Baking Championship.” Now a celebrity baker, Duff got his start in baking during college, when he was hired to bake bread for a local restaurant. From there, he went on to work in several culinary positions, eventually gaining enough experience to open his own business. 

In March 2002, Duff opened Charm City Cakes, beginning what would become an incredible career in awe-inspiring, innovative cake-making, and his eventual entry into the world of television. Located in Baltimore, Charm City Cakes gained widespread attention for its unusual creations. Duff, for example, often uses blow torches, drills, and other power tools in the crafting of his dazzling, very expensive cakes. When the Food Network discovered Charm City Cakes, the network was so impressed that Duff was offered his own TV show. His cake-making business earned national stardom on its aptly titled reality series “Ace of Cakes,” which aired for ten seasons in the late 2000s. Duff has also been featured on several different baking competition shows, including the “Holiday Baking Championship,” the “Spring Baking Championship” and his current cake competition series “Duff Till Dawn.”

When Duff isn’t pushing the boundaries in the bakery, he’s either spending time with his wife and daughter or the indie-rock band that he plays bass guitar for.

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