The lottery and Powerball have become a big topic of discussion across the country. You can’t go on Twitter (or any various social media) without seeing people idly wondering about what they’d do with the cash. We’re a little different. Since fiction is so much better than reality, we’d pondered not what we’d do with the cash but what our favorite TV characters would do if they’d won the lottery. Here are some are our best guesses for what 6 of our favorite characters would do with a sudden influx of cash.

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Sam Winchester from Supernatural

Sam and Dean might finally have a proper home base in the bunker and the Impala is their home away from home. Still, it’s not like the Winchesters are rolling in it from the adventures as hunters. Things are probably a bit more secure than in the early days but they could always use the extra cash. 

If they won the lottery, they could get some fancy guns, maybe some good insurance for the Impala (since it seems to always be getting destroyed), and finally get some new outfits that aren’t a plaid shirt, jeans, and a jacket. The answer for why Sam should get the money over Dean is pretty simple. Do you really think Dean is going to spend his lottery cash on purchases that are practical and useful?

Cisco Ramon from The Flash

The biggest mystery on The Flash is not who is Zoom or how an alternate universe is even a thing. It’s how most of the cast isn’t destitute and out on the street. 50 percent of Team Flash works for STAR Labs, a defunct and disgraced tech company without a CEO. I suppose we can assume they are getting some funding from the police department since they house super-powered criminals. That’s a pretty big stretch. Maybe Cisco and Caitlin just saved really well. 

In any case, if Cisco got his hands on a lottery prize, his little head might just explode from excitement. It wouldn’t just mean financial stability but a plethora of new crime-fighting toys. If Cisco is able to make all of Barry’s gadgets off of the surplus inside STAR Labs, imagine what he could do with his own personal fortune.

Ravi Chakrabarti from iZombie

Ravi is a scientist trying to stop a growing undead epidemic on a coroner’s salary. Dr. Chakrabarti is plugging along quite nicely in trying to cure his co-worker and friend from her zombism. It’s still not been an easy road and the research that lottery money could buy would be close to invaluable. Maybe Ravi would be able to quit his job at Seattle PD and start his own charity and research facility completed dedicated to the eradication of the zombie virus. 

Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time

Though his (curse) surname is Gold and he’s probably the richest man in Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin’s wealth has always been kind of nebulous. That’s probably due to the fact that he can magic up any possession or item he wants, so he doesn’t really need to “pay” for things. All that being said, Rumple is a pretty greedy guy and I’m sure he wouldn’t turn down the wealth from the lottery. As for what he’d do with it, I’m imagining a palatial mansion filled with books all for Belle and maybe he’d hire a doctor to come to Storybrooke and fix that bum leg. Once that’s done, something insanely evil and greedy because that’s who Rumple is at this point.

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Clarke Griffin from The 100

Paper money is kind of useless in the world of The 100. (Has the show even established any kind of currency?) For the sake of argument though let’s say that Clarke wins whatever The 100 version of the lottery would be and becomes independently wealthy. Since Clarke is on her mission of atonement and rediscovery for season 3, you can imagine almost all of the wealth is going to go to charity. Camp Jaha will probably finally be able to stop living in canvas tents and scrap heaps. There would definitely be a fix to the food, weapon, and clothing shortage. Maybe Clarke could use her new finances to somehow build a lasting alliance between the “Sky People” and the Grounders. 

Clarke is probably the only character on this list who would use the lottery money all for other people. This is not just because Clarke Griffin is a better person than anyone on this list. She’s also probably a better person than you. Again, this all takes place in a hypothetical version of The 100 where goods and labor can actually be exchanged for money. 

Jimmy McGill from Better Call Saul

Post-Breaking Bad Saul Goodman might need some huge influx of wealth more than Jimmy McGill. While Better Call Saul did open on that depressing sequence of Saul as a manager of a Cinnabon, the show is not about that version of the character. It’s about the birth of Jimmy McGill into the flea-bitten, barely legal lawyer of Saul Goodman. If Clarke Griffin went the selfless route, Jimmy would go completely selfish.

First, there’d be some necessary purchases, like getting an actual apartment. He could open a law firm, maybe even buy that office space he wanted in season 1. Once all that was taken care of, it’s almost certain that Jimmy would use the rest of the cash on himself. So that means several closets full of those terribly cheesy-looking suits, which are somehow also oddly amazing. Some extravagant alcohol and other vice purchases are also probably in the cards. Maybe he’ll even buy a real Rolex as opposed to the fake ones he peddled as a two-bit con man.


But what do you think? Do you agree? Is Sam the “right” Winchester brother to win the lottery? Would Dean spend the money on something other than “girly mags”? Are you also daydreaming about the number of tech toys Cisco could make with lottery money? Do you think Jimmy McGill would use his hypothetical lottery cash on something that’s not selfish? 

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