After every season finale of Weeds, fans are left saying the same thing: How will Nancy get out of this one? She’s gotten into bigger and bigger jams every year and the show has dramatically changed settings and plots as Nancy’s drug-dealing ways led her down a dangerous path.

At the end of season 6, she gave herself up to the cops to protect her son, whom she sent away to Europe with the rest of her family so they’d be safe. So where do you go from here?

Jail, of course. First, check out this eerie and cool new teaser promo for Weeds season 7, premiering Monday, June 27 at 10pm.

According to TVLine, season 7 will begin with Nancy in prison, sharing a cell with a hot Russian who has a hot brother. If Weeds fans have learned anything from six seasons, it’s that Nancy is almost certainly going to have sex with that brother.

During the season, Nancy will also get out of prison and stay in a halfway house, because ever since burning Agrestic to the ground, Weeds hates staying in one place for too long.

However, this news raises a more important question: What about everyone else? Andy, Shane, Silas and Stevie Ray are on their way to Europe, Doug went back home and, for a long-time fan, it’s hard to see how they might fit back into Nancy’s life. Maybe the show will just follow all the separate storylines without intersecting them.

Whatever they do, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t doubt Weeds. In every season finale they get into a situation that’s impossible to get out of, and every season premiere they get out of it. June 27 can’t come soon enough.

Source: TVLine

(Image and video courtesy of Showtime)

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