If you have never in your life seen One Tree Hill, then “Quiet Little Voices” would be a good episode to start with. Not because the episode was so fantastic that my faith in OTH is renewed and I want everyone to share this undying love with me, but because half the episode is flashbacks and easily catches the audience up on the basic relationships of the regular characters. The show’s original main characters are not shown or mentioned a single time in the episode, but that isn’t surprising, since OTH likes to forget that anyone besides Naley, Brulian, Clay, Quinn or Jamie existed in Tree Hill before season 7.

A Sister for Jamie

It took almost a year to get here, but Lydia Bob Scott finally makes her way into the world in tonight’s episode. With Haley in labor, Quinn and Clay step up to help keep Jamie occupied during the wait. As much as I want to hate the scene in which they try to eat six crackers in a minute, I was surprised at the difficulty and loved every second of it as Clay, Quinn and Jamie spit while trying to talk with the pasty crackers stuffed in their mouths. I wonder if it really is impossible to eat six crackers in 60 seconds.

Haley and Quinn’s relationship has become extremely trite. All they talk about is their sisterly love and how great it is to have a sister. They never get in fights or have any drama between them. They take each others’ side in every argument and I am sick of it. Can’t they disagree just once?

Meaningless Promises

Brooke’s dream of being a mother finally came true. Chloe gives birth to a baby girl, and, in the same instant, the joy is sucked from the moment as Chloe decides to keep her daughter after the return of her “ex” boyfriend. This isn’t surprising based on the spoilers for the finale. Despite what may happen during the show’s flash-forward finale, watching Brooke’s hopes shatter on the hospital floor tugs at the heartstrings as Chloe and Eric decide not to give their baby up for adoption. But where was Eric during the pregnancy? Chloe referred to him as her ex, and he suddenly shows up as she giving birth and all is forgiven? I have a feeling this couple will experience nothing but happiness.

With three episodes remaining until the “season finale,” it sounds like The CW has made a decision as to the fate of OTH, despite their lack of an official announcement. It’s gotta be coming soon though. Tune in next week as Nathan struggles with his new knowledge that Ian drove the car that almost killed Brooke and Jamie.

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