This week Supernatural is going back to the old west with a time-traveling episode that finds the boys back in 1861. The adventure is full of jokes about classic westerns, making it another fun diversion amidst a sea of very serious issues.

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Sure, “Frontierland” has big implications for the season’s major storylines about the Mother of All and the war in Heaven, but it’s also pure enjoyment, something that will most likely be in short supply moving forward. The final four episodes of the season are going to get quite serious as the Winchesters battle Eve and Castiel fights his war, so Supernatural fans need to savor these quirky episodes while they can.

And “Frontierland” has plenty of quirk. Here are just five of the exciting things you’ll see in this episode.

New Opening Credits

Supernatural has done special opening credit sequences in the past with the sitcom theme song from “Changing Channels” and the X-Files homage in “Clap Your Hands If You Believe.” This episode adds another one to that list with a special, Bonanza-inspired title sequence.

Dean’s Fantasy vs. Reality

No one is more excited to go back to the old west than Dean, who has a very specific vision of what it was like being a cowboy. However, as much as you may fantasize about the sexy saloon girls in their frilly, French corsets, the reality of the situation is a lot less pleasant and might be the scariest thing Dean has ever faced.

Samuel Colt

If you’re expecting Samuel Colt to be some legendary, iconic hunting superstar who swoops in like a superhero, you’re going to be disappointed. However, the original Colt has plenty of other ways to be awesome, and his reaction to Sam helps to make the man match the myth.


If the old west isn’t enough, this episode also introduces a new character, one of Castiel’s top angel lieutenants, Rachel. She may have strong opinions about the Winchesters, but she’s very devoted to her beliefs and will do anything to make sure good triumphs over evil. And by “anything,” I mean something you might not expect.

Castiel’s Dirty Little Secret

Cas has a major role in “Frontierland,” and not just because he’s the one who sends Sam and Dean back in time. We learn that he has a dirty little secret, one that he’s very ashamed of. And for anyone out there who is really in love with Cas, we also hear him say the line: “I need you to let me touch it.” If that sounds dirty, it’s because it is.

“Frontierland” features plenty of moody, western action, some big twists for the larger plot of the season, and an ending that will tickle the funny bone of anyone who’s familiar with the plots of the Back to the Future movies. It’s another fun and light episode, which is probably good because the last four episodes of the season are going to get pretty dark and serious. So enjoy the fun while it lasts, because this may be the last episode for a while where you can just sit back and smile as Sam steps into a big pile of horse poop.

Supernatural airs Friday at 9pm on the CW.

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