“Betrayal” is the perfect title for this installment of Wayward Pines. Theresa goes behind Ethan’s back to discuss with Kate her concern that Ethan has been brainwashed. Howard lies about Kate’s complicity in the group of insurgents. Kate placidly lies to Ethan’s face, then disobeys his orders and has now possibly gotten Ben killed in the process. Regardless, Ethan does get to the bottom of the subversive faction’s plot but it might be too late.

Adding to the drama is a new key component to the Wayward Pines mythology. School counselor Megan encourages sexual activity between the teens and Nurse Pam holds creepy “annual fertility consults” with all the adult residents taking the lack of privacy to a whole new level. Go forth and multiply is the mantra of Wayward Pines. The most intriguing revelation in “Betrayal” is the secret Kate shares with Theresa, a secret which has us once again questioning everything we’ve come to believe about Wayward Pines so far.

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Has Ethan had a psychotic break?

Dr. Jenkins/Pilcher reminds Ethan that he can’t tell anyone what he’s learned during his tour of the behind-the-scenes madness running Wayward Pines. So, what does our man do? He goes straight home and spills everything to Theresa about the suspended animation, the 2,000 year time jump, the destruction of the world as they knew it, and the carnivorous monsters that now inhabit the world. We have no idea how much of the truth Ethan revealed to Theresa. I wish he’d take her topside to prove he wasn’t delusional. 

Immediately, Theresa suspects her husband has been brainwashed or has gone mental. That’s exactly what I’d think if I were her, folks. But wait, she spent a day with Wayne Johnson back in “The Truth,” remember? He described the frightening creatures he saw after his accident, then told of the facility filled with people suspended in cryopreservation tanks. She seemed to believe him, so why is she doubting Ethan now? I’m starting to think this Theresa isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. 

Old Suspicions Rear Their Ugly Heads

However, I’ve always considered Theresa to be a sharp cookie, so maybe she did doubt Wayne Johnson’s story. Maybe this whole thing is one giant, heartless ruse. Now I’m back to wondering if Wayward Pines is some elaborate psychological experiment. Could they create a downtown Boise obscured by thriving flora and fauna? Sure, they could. Anything is possible with enough funding. 

But the more interesting question is what are the abbies, really? Could they be people with scary dentures wearing green spandex? Are they aliens from Roswell or Area 51? They seem pretty real, but then why haven’t other fauna evolved as well? That deer Ethan found in the forest hadn’t evolved one single day. Color me dying to unravel the mystery of Wayward Pines.

It Takes A Pretty Cold Woman to Blow Up an Ex-lover

Ethan finds a bomb under the hood of his car. Remember the “faction” Pilcher mentioned? A group of subversives is planning to take down the wall, according to Pilcher. And he’s not wrong. We learned in “Choices” that Kate and Howard were secretly planning something, but is she really that cold … and why the hell didn’t she tell Ethan about her group’s plans when he was trying to get the truth out of her in the beginning? More on that in a moment. 

A search of the hidden files in the sheriff’s office reveals that resident Franklin Dobbs is a former explosives engineer. Interesting. He’s got to be part of the nefarious revolution, right? He’s got to be the one who put the bomb in Ethan’s truck.

Theresa Finds Plot 33

Theresa visits Plot 33 and is surprisingly not dive-tackled and carted off to jail. Wayward Pines’ surveillance must not be that tight. She figures out that there’s a metal substructure under the sod, but Bill warns her to stop meddling where she doesn’t belong. Why didn’t she dig it up and see where it goes? And why the hell is she trusting her boss, Bill? The guy’s a patronizing turd. What did I tell you about the box of Crayola?

This string of the story is completely and disappointingly abandoned after Theresa’s chat with Bill.

Ethan Sends a Not-Too-Subtle Message to the Subversives

Ethan invites Franklin Dobbs to coffee. He makes it clear he’s got his eye on the explosives engineer. Dobbs excuses himself from the veiled confrontation with Ethan. Ethan follows Dobbs and spies him meeting with Kate’s husband, Howard. Oh, crap. 

After Dobbs takes off, Ethan confronts Howard about the bomb he found in his truck. Howard convincingly pleads no knowledge and is invited down to the station with Ethan. Howard tries to escape on the way to the sheriff’s office, forcing Ethan to subdue him in the middle of the street.

Ethan makes it clear he knows there’s a plot to blow down the wall. Howard refuses to give up the names of the others in his posse, so Ethan gives him a note to deliver to Kate whom he suspects is part of the group, or maybe even its leader. Howard insists he acted alone, but Ethan’s not buying it. 

Sex Education, ‘Wayward Pines’ Style

Megan delivers a class on procreation, calling it a wonderful and blessed thing (Translation: don’t use contraceptives). While accurate about procreation’s wonderfulness, her statement is followed with creepy encouragement that these teens should feel free to get biz-ay. ASAP. The students have text books with magnified sperm on the cover. Not too subtle.

Before long, we learn that Nurse Pam is all about monitored fertility and reproduction as well. She excitedly tells her brother about two new pregnancies among the residents. Pilcher, however, is despondent as he fixates on what he views as the destructive efforts of the subversives. Pam continues to encourage him, however. Clearly, Pam is in charge of Wayward Pines. 

Later Pam calls Kate and Howard for an annual fertility consult. What? That’s creepily invasive. Through Kate’s flashback about how the subversive group began, we learn that Howard has a fiance he wants to get back to. Clearly, the Ballinger marriage has been a celibate farce and that’s why there has been no procreation. 

Ethan Calls Kate On the Carpet

Kate responds to Ethan’s message and meets him at his home. Ethan informs her that he knows she’s the head of the group of subversives. Kate tells Ethan how the underground group began for moral support. They met underground and talked about home, their pasts, and their crappy situation. Eventually they became a faction bent on escaping.

Why didn’t she tell Ethan the moment he arrived in Wayward Pines? Because she didn’t trust him, that’s what she says. He appeared in Wayward Pines, then became the sheriff five minutes later. How could she trusted him after that? It does make sense.

Ethan tells Kate there is no more Seattle and there is no more 21st century. There is nothing safe outside the electric walls. He insists she surrender all of their bombs and whatever else they have. They must not try to go beyond those walls. Dammit.

It’s clear by her facial expressions and her ready acquiescence that Kate still doesn’t trust Ethan. She’s giving him lip service so he’ll think she intends to comply. Later Kate tells Howard they have to move their schedule up to that very night, or else they will have to turn themselves in in the morning. 

Kate and Adams msg.jpg

Kate and Theresa Discuss a Government Experiment

Kate runs into Theresa in the hospital elevator. Theresa confesses she’s worried about Ethan. They compare the outrageous stories Ethan has told them and both believe he’s been brainwashed. Kate describes a call to Adam Hassler a week after she came to Wayward Pines. Actually, it wasn’t a call, it was a voicemail message left for Kate by Adam. Adam warned that she was entering into a government experiment and she should lay low and blend in. He also said she may be severely tested by another agent. Has she told Ethan about any of this? Theresa wants to know. No, she hasn’t. Very interesting. 

Now, perhaps Hassler left that voicemail 2000 years ago, but maybe not. I can’t help wondering if there’s a Hassler popsicle back at the facility waiting to be defrosted. Wayward Pines has all these crumbs it sends us to throw us off the trail. I love it.

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Theresa Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

Theresa tells Ethan about her meeting with Kate. It’s hard to tell whether or not she mentioned Adam Hassler’s “You are in a government experiment” voicemail for Kate. My guess is that she didn’t tell him, or it would have greatly affected him and he’d begin to doubt Pilcher and Pam. Come to think of it, why has he swallowed the Wayward Pines mythology so eagerly? You’d think he’d be more suspicious all the way through the series. 

All Hell Breaks Loose 

Ted collects a bomb from Howard and admits he was the one who planted the bomb in Ethan’s truck. Wanker. Ted carefully places the paper bag containing the bomb in the back of his delivery truck. A hand full of subversives led by Kate gather at the perimeter to blow up the wall. Before they get the job done Ethan appears and commands Franklin to disarm the bomb. Franklin obeys and the whole troop is carted off to jail (except the backup bombers whom we will most likely find out about when Wayward Pines returns). 

The Rebellion Has Only Begun

Back at the jailhouse Ethan has a heated discussion with Kate. He demands she convince her group to stop trying to escape. She’s still looking at him like he’s crazy. Maybe he is. 

Theresa tries to tell Ethan that Pilcher and Pam have manipulated him physically and that’s why he’s going along with everything they’ve told him. Kate assures him that the subversive activity has only begun, leading Ethan to believe there has to be another bomb as backup. 

Surveillance tape from that afternoon shows Howard giving Ted the paper bag containing the bomb. Where is Ted now? He’s heading for the perimeter. Ethan hops in his truck and speeds toward Ted’s delivery truck. 

Ben and Amy Get Blown-up

After the sex talk at school Ben and Amy decide to go into the woods to make out after dinner. It’s all Amy’s idea. She is a vixen, that girl. How will they get up into the woods, Ben wants to know? They sneak onto Ted’s delivery truck unaware that Ted is transporting a bomb at their feet. This bomb is camouflaged as a little girl’s jewelry box. When the music for the rotating ballerina stops, the bomb will detonate. 

Amy finds the jewelry box and opens it before beginning to seduce Ben. Right when they have their first kiss, the truck blows up and both kids are covered in blood. Ethan gets to the scene right after the explosion. It’s unclear if Ben is even alive. 

What will they come up with next? Tune in for “The Friendliest Place on Earth.”

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