“They don’t call it ‘The Amazing Race’ for nothin'” is the awesome truism capping the Amazing Race preview clip (and one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time) that has been circulating around the internet. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. Be prepared to watch it five or six times (or if you’re like me and can’t help yourself, hundreds of times).

The only spoiler I’ll reveal here is that Claire (the recipient of the watermelon in the face) doesn’t die. In case this clip doesn’t give you an idea of how awesome this season is shaping up to be, I’ll give you four more reasons to watch.

4. Some really likable teams, and one big douchebag. Even better, his name is Chad. Just minutes into the first challenge he’s already ragging on his girlfriend/teammate, Stephanie. But enough about the Chads of the world, most of the other teams are incredibly likable and easy to root for. Take Andie and Jenna, a recently-reunited biological mother-daughter team, Michael and Kevin, the quiet but loving father-son team, or Ron and Tony, Broadway BFFs. Hearts will be won!

3.  Acafellas.  Connor and Jonathan are in a male a capella group, and appeal to your need for Glee twice a week. I found them more endearing than I thought I would, especially after their “Gleek” title fell to the wayside as volleyball players Katie and Rachel dub them “the nerds.”  Another pleasant surprise came in the form of Gary and Mallory, a southern father-daughter team in which the daughter boasts the title of Miss Kentucky 2008. I thought I would hate them but they are actually too sweet to hate.

2.  Knowing that at some point, a watermelon will collide with a Home Shopping Host’s head. Poor Claire. She gets the raw end of the deal in every way, but especially when it comes to her partner, Brook. Brook is so annoying, with her shrill encouragement and quaint need to call her teammate “chica,” that you’ll be ready to clock her over the head with a watermelon yourself by the end of the first episode.

1.  Three couples, three hairstylists, one brain at best.  There are dumb teams and couples who yell at each other every season, but this time all three hairstylists (on three separate teams) are out to prove that they’re not dumb and most of them fail miserably. Trust me, it’s “are you a candelabra?” all over again.

Seriously, it’s shaping up to be a great season with lots of personality. Check out the premiere on Sunday, September 26th at 8:30/7:30c on CBS then come back here to BuddyTV and we’ll have some fun with it.

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