The Biggest Loser premiered last night and we met 21 people competing for 14 spots on The Biggest Loser Campus.  Here are the top 5 biggest moments from the premiere, plus bonus un-aired clips from last night’s show!

5.  Mike Morelli hosts (and makes us hungry). We’re used to the regular host, Alison Sweeney, so it was exciting to see other previous contestants try their hand at her job. In my opinion, Mike Morelli, who hosted in Portland, did the best job, telling the contestants that he learned you have to earn your spot on the Biggest Loser Campus. He was enthusiastic and encouraging, and didn’t make me uncomfortable like Mark did in Boston.  Those Jennie O commercials prepared him well.

Bonus Clip:  Bob meets someone in Portland who has been inspired to change his life on his own.

4.  Bob tells us everyone should be able to run a mile.  Really? Has anyone tried it yet? I want to know the results because, sadly, I’m not confident that I could run a mile, even with Jillian barking in my ear.  Also, I’m not sure about that whole “just plant a vegetable garden, it’s easy!” advice. My mom texted me this while she was watching it last night: “Bob, I have a yard and I still can’t grow vegetables!”  Don’t toy with my mother’s heart, Bob!

3.  Corey’s body gives up on the mile in Portland.  This was pretty heartbreaking to watch. It was Season 8’s Tracey on the beach all over again (although I don’t think they had to airlift Corey out of there). He was doing well, too, plus I liked the guy. But his system failure paved the way for Tina, who I also like, to grab a spot on the purple team.

Bonus Clip: Kerry Rhodes of the Arizona Cardinals shows up in Phoenix to tell us not to eat that extra cookie.

2.  Elizabeth’s body gives up on the step-ups in Boston.  Even with help from Jillian, it was too much pressure for Elizabeth and she seized up halfway through. After one of the scariest moments in the premiere, Elizabeth was taken to a hospital before she could finish all 500 steps.

1.  Seven teams are chosen and are given a big send-off as they put on shirts and squeeze into a limo they barely fit into.  And so the journey begins!  Soon we’ll be looking back on this episode saying, “wow, I can’t believe how big they were!”

Also, check out the preview for next week’s episode when the teams arrive on campus. I’m so excited for it!

(image and video courtesy of NBC)

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