Bones season 11 was pretty tense, especially the finale which saw Brennan being kidnapped by the very disturbed Zack Addy and things were left in a dire and terrifying cliffhanger for the show’s final season. Now thanks to TV Guide we know that while the on-camera action was a nail-biter, the cast and crew were having plenty of fun behind the scenes. Some of the best moments are embedded below with the season 11 blooper reel. 

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The blooper reel is full of the classic elements of nearly every reel of its kind. There are line flubs, props “behave” in a way that they shouldn’t and the actors are total klutzes. One of the highlights of the Bones season 11 reel is how serious scenes are severely undercut with huge and/or silly mistakes. For example, in the series when Brennan and Booth’s daughter Christine is having a nightmare the two rush inside to comfort her. Yet in the blooper reel, Emily Deschanel completely ruins the dramatic entrance and the effect of the scene. 

Another big highlight is veteran actress and season 11 guest star Betty White completely forgetting her lines. White may be a pop culture icon in her advanced age, yet no amount of popularity can keep any actress or actor from making the same mistakes as anyone else. 

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The blooper reel will be released with the Bones season 11 DVD set which will be available to buy on Tuesday, January 3. This is the exact same day that Bones season 12 will premiere at 9/8c on FOX.

The final season will see many actors from the past return, including the aforementioned Betty White as Dr. Beth Meyer as well as Stephen Fry as fan favorite Gordon Wyatt and Eddie McClintock as Brennan’s ex-boyfriend, Sully. Hopefully the season 12 blooper reel will be even longer and full of more hilarious goofs by all the returning and current actors. 

What is you favorite moment from the blooper reel? How much are you looking forward to season 12? Which returning guest star is the most exciting? 

(Image courtesy of FOX, video courtesy of TV Guide)

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