Indeed, a lot has changed for Bones‘ Dr. Zachary Uriah Addy since he was sent to the looney bin for killing a lobbyist as the Gormogon’s assistant back in season 3. Though he received visits from several of his colleagues while (somewhat) locked up, not one person was prepared for the metamorphosis he’s undergone since then, least of all his idol and mentor, Dr. Temperance Brennan. Oh, and you might be surprised to learn who some of his visitors were, folks. 

Certainly no one, except perhaps the late Dr. Sweets, could have foreseen the criminal activity Zack has been perpetrating against the world since the legal system locked him up, Hannibal Lecter-style, after his last escape. Ayy Chihuahua, has this boy gone astray.

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Sweets Took Zack’s Secrets to the Grave

Unfortunately, Dr. Sweets, the only person Zack confided his innocence to, is no longer in the picture (pun intended), a fact that seems to have taken a devastating physical and emotional toll on Zack. Was spending his days painting pastel landscapes and playing gin for Pixy Stix enough to make a person with a crazy genius IQ level go legitimately insane? Or, did Sweets’ tragic death cause Zack to have a major psychotic break? How else can you explain his wacko plot to drug and kidnap his previous mentor and worse: murder, taxidermy and play dress-up with numerous victims just to get her attention? Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. 

Zack’s Obsession Spells His Undoing

Clearly Zack has become obsessed with Brennan, based on all the clues in “The Nightmare in the Nightmare.” In “The Hope in the Horror,” he gets even worse, defiling members of Brennan’s family so far as to deny their existence. But, again, is he capable of murder?

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There is only one believable explanation: the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde defense. Zack did the dastardly deeds … but not really. In other words, the Dr. Zack Addy Bones fans have loved for nearly a decade has gone legitimately scooters and developed multiple personalities. Only the anti-Zack could have committed the heinous crimes this killer has committed. So, how are you going to write your way out of this hot mess, Bones?

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Catherine Cabanela

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