It seems like only yesterday that Celebrity Big Brother began, mostly because it was less than three weeks ago. It’s been a fast and furious road to the finale with plenty of laughs, entertaining characters and a lot more aggressive gameplay than anyone expected.

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From an all-female alliance that immediately crumbled to Ross and Marissa’s betrayals of nearly everyone to the engaging and manipulative Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother gave us everything we could’ve wanted.

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Here’s my look back at 10 of my favorite moments of the season, which include moments from the episodes and a few from the live feeds that you may not have seen before.

“Should We Be Worried?”

When CBS cast Omarosa, everyone was wondering if she would talk about her time in President Donald Trump’s White House. She definitely delivered, and while subsequent stories about Melania, Sean Spicer and the Mooch weren’t quite as exciting, her week 1 conversation with Ross Mathews about how she was terrified of Trump’s tweets and that everything is not going to be OK was chilling and just what we wanted from her.

Shannon’s “Responsibilities”

Shannon Elizabeth quickly became the house’s biggest target, and if you want to know why, just go back to the first Power of Veto competition. Ariadna and James failed to spell a word correctly, Mark spelled a 4-letter word, Keshia spelled a 6-letter word and Chuck spelled a 7-letter word. But Shannon busted out “Responsibilities,” a record-setting 16-letter word that made everyone truly scared of how dominant she would be in competitions.

The First Eviction Vote Flip

If you thought Celebrity Big Brother was going to be a dull, simple game where everyone is on the same page, the first week proved otherwise. After initially targeting James, Shannon decided to flip the vote at the last minute to save him and evict Chuck Liddell instead. It set the stage for a dramatic and aggressive season where the HGs were all unafraid to make big moves.

Metta and the Fighting Flamingos

Before he quit, Metta World Peace offered a fun distraction from the game, whether he was walking around in his underwear or befriending a stuffed owl. His best zany moment came late one night when he was in the hot tub and decided to talk to the camera and make the inflatable flamingos (which he called ducks) fight. It was silly, childlike fun.

Drunk Brandi’s New Boyfriend

On the first night of the live feeds, Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville got drunk. Very drunk. She exposed a few secrets and her alliance tried to take her to bed. But that’s where she found her new “boyfriend,” a butternut squash. The scene was probably too racy for TV, but you can check out this clip from the live feeds for an idea of Drunk Brandi’s embarrassing antics.

Blunt Brandi

Brandi proved throughout her time in the game that she isn’t afraid to say anything to anyone. Whether she was freely admitting to others that she had a Final 4 alliance with Ariadna, Ross and Marissa or offering to quit that alliance after admitting to giving Shannon a sympathy vote, she has absolutely no filter. Her crowning achievement came when she asked Omarosa if she’d ever slept with Donald Trump, and the reaction of Ross was the reaction of everyone.

Marissa Enjoys a Shower Show from James

The show offered a quick segment on Marissa Jaret Winokur objectifying James Maslow as he took a shower, narrating the whole sordid experience like she was at a Magic Mike screening. But if you watched the live feeds, you’d know that this wasn’t an isolated incident and Marissa regularly enjoyed the hotness of James. Here’s the full sequence from the live feeds where Marissa revels in her sexual harassment of the hot young man.

The Home Videos

The celebrities’ families are all pretty adorable, but there were two stand-out moments from outside the house on th show. Marissa’s son Zev was too cute when he freaked out after learning his mom would be on the show via a cake. And Ariadna’s ailing father sending her kisses in a video message was definitely heartbreaking.

James Sings a Workout Song for Mark

In a scene so dumb, yet so funny, Mark McGrath worked out on the elliptical machine while James, in the diary room, serenaded us with a rock power ballad all about Mark’s exercise routine. It was simple, silly, ridiculous stupidity, which is exactly what this show needs sometimes.

Justice for Jodi

If you aren’t familiar with the history of the show, allow me to explain. Jodi Rollins was a contestant on Big Brother 14, but she was prompted evicted on the first night after spending only about eight hours in the house, the shortest time for any HG. Since then fans have campaigned with #JusticeforJodi. She’s become a running joke on the show, with her face appearing in various competitions (she was an air freshener in one of season 18’sRoad Kill comps). But this time she finally got her justice, returning for the first HoH competition’s big musical number when she was mistakenly introduced instead of the other Jody, season 19’s Jessica and Cody. For long-time fans, even a single glimpse of Jodi on the show and back in the house was a triumph.

What was your favorite moment from Celebrity Big Brother?

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