The wait for the next annual Arrow-verse crossover is nearly over. The tradition, which started with The Flash season 1 and Arrow season 3, has now grown to include all four superhero shows on The CW. The event, titled “Crisis on Earth-X,” promises to be biggest crossover yet and will truly incorporate all four shows and their casts. The CW has recently released a full-length trailer for the event and it looks to capitalize on the promise of every previous crossover.

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As was previously reported, the crossover will see the heroes of all four shows join together across timelines and universes for the wedding of The Flash‘s Barry Allen and Iris West. The wedding is heavily featured in the first part of the trailer. Iris can be seen bonding with the female characters, including Supergirl‘s Kara and Alex Danvers, while Barry confers with Arrow’s Oliver Queen. While it appears that Joe West will be Barry’s best man, the trailer makes clear that Oliver is a part of the wedding party and has quite a bit of support for The Flash. 

While the trailer starts off on very happy notes, things quickly turn towards action. Barry and Iris’ wedding is promptly broken up the arrival of the villains of the crossover, Nazis. Quickly all the heroes unite in their mutual distaste for the Nazi invaders but it turns out that the baddies are a little closer to home than they might realize. 

The trailer explains that the villains of the crossover come from the mysterious 53rd world of the multiverse, Earth-X. It’s home to a group of characters who are the reverse of the Arrow-verse’s heroes. While glimpses of an evil Flash and Green Arrow can be seen, the trailer is primarily concerned with the evil Supergirl, still played by Melissa Benoist, who will be going by the name Overgirl.

It appears that if “Crisis on Earth-X” has a main villain it will be Overgirl, which makes sense since Supergirl is the most powerful hero and should be the most threatening villain. 

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Once Overgirl is unveiled, the trailer lays on the grimness thick. It appears at one point that Jefferson Jackson, one half of Firestorm, is shot as he slumps, nearly lifeless. He’s not alone, though, as Rene Ramirez AKA Wild Dog is later seen being carried lifeless and most of the cast is glimpsed under threat from a firing squad. 

Yet there are still plenty of triumphant moments for the heroes as well. The trailer shows Oliver Queen back in action, suiting up as Green Arrow. Noticeably, David Ramsey, who plays Diggle and has been taking over the mantle of Green Arrow in Arrow season 6, is almost entirely missing from the crossover. 

Most interestingly, Wentworth Miller, who has played Captain Cold, is heavily featured. Miller will be playing a new version of Leonard Snart for the crossover, named Citizen Cold. While this Snart is different, it appears he still has some of the previous iterations’ snark and disposition, briefly showing off a flirtation with Sara Lance.  

Are you ready for the crossover? Do you think this will be the most exciting event yet? How do you feel about the heroes fighting evil versions of themselves? Are the dangerous looks at Jax and Rene in trouble just misdirection?

“Crisis on Earth-X” will begin on Monday, November 27 with Supergirl at 8/7c, followed directly by Arrow at 9/8c before wrapping up on Tuesday, November 28 with The Flash at 8/7c and Legends of Tomorrow at 9/8c on The CW. 

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