With a Slade-centric episode of Arrow, you might think that the man known as Deathstroke would be the bravest. Other stars of “Promises Kept,” however, may lay claim to that title. Is Slade Wilson or someone else the biggest hero of the episode?


First of all, Slade gets some props for having the courage to face down his son’s demons. Finding out that your beloved offspring is actually a hardened and unrepentant killer? That is tough. Granted, all of Joe’s/Kane’s issues are due to Slade’s past actions, so this balances things out a bit.

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Also, keep in mind that Slade is willing to forgo any newfound values in order to hang out and do evil with his kid. Only when Oliver reminds him of how nuts this is — and only when Joe basically makes the choice for his dad — does Slade do the right thing.


Oliver fares far better in the heroism department. Not only does the Arrow star kick lots of bad-guy butt throughout the episode, but he also gives more than one speech about staying true and sticking with family. These are the kinds of things we expect from a hero!

Additionally, Oliver does the right thing by going back to William. There is no way such devotion to family life will stick, but it’s admirable that Oliver is trying.

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All of Team Arrow, Except Diggle

Team Arrow takes on Dragon throughout “Promises Kept.” The team is very heroic, fighting a drug-dealing gang, but there is a small problem: Their leader, John Diggle, is a loyal customer of the Dragon’s product. This makes for a complicated conflict-of-interest.

At least Diggle finds the courage to tell everyone about what is going on. Of course, his drug supply has been destroyed by this point. That really lessens the courage of this admission.

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Biggest Hero

Slade’s evil son is basically trying to kill loads of people for profit, so stopping him is about as heroic as it gets. Because of that, Oliver finally gets to be the biggest hero on his own show!

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