Celebrate Halloween with NCIS in season 14 episode 6, and see how Abby welcomes the newbies to the team with personalized gifts she has knitted.

In “Shell Game,” a kidnapped petty officer escapes her captor, and the team uncovers a connection to her missing husband. Also, Tony Gonzalez is back as Special Agent Tony Francis, so how’s Quinn going to feel about that?

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Watch the promo for “Shell Game”:

The victim, Navy Petty Officer First Class Kelly Ristow, was targeted by someone, and someone was telling her kidnapper what to do. Is Kelly in danger from her own husband? What’s Bishop going to find in the car trunk?

Check out a sneak peek of Torres still not feeling the team spirit:

It may not be a “technology tantrum,” but McGee and his computer are not currently getting along, as he explains, “This is just what happens when a perfectly rational machine behaves completely irrationally.” In this case, it says that he has one new email, but when he tries to open it, it’s not there.

Quinn joins them, in her Welcome to NCIS sweater that Abby knitted for her, and while she’s wearing it proudly — and McGee and Bishop fondly reminisce about the socks and friendship bracelet she made them — Torres says he doesn’t wear vests or the color cobalt. There’s even a “secret agent pocket” in Quinn’s sweater, so she can hide things like micro-recorders, keys and a cyanide capsule, if she so chooses.

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See what happens when Gibbs goes to talk to the victim:

TSA Agent Gregg Rogers, whom Gibbs would probably love to lock in a detention room so he doesn’t have to deal with him, leads the NCIS agent to where they have Petty Officer Ristow. She’s pretty beat up and keeps asking for her husband. When Gregg opens the door, after failing to remember the code for the keypad and needing Gibbs to suggest he just use a key, Kelly comes out attacking, clearly distraught, until Gibbs grabs her.

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