In this episode of Gotham, “Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit,” Penguin has a big surprise for Nygma, and the Mad Hatter executes an elaborate plan to make Gordon pay for Alice’s death.

Penguin’s affection for Nygma has transcended to a new level — love. And not just the bromance-y “I love you, man.” He’s in love. Now he’s just got to figure out the perfect way and time to make his feelings known.

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Wedding Dresses and White Rabbits

Gordon and Valerie Vale are still very much an item. Things are about to get a bit awkward since Vale wants Gordon to get him a meeting with Lee. The GCPD medical examiner is running point on Alice Tetch’s blood, and Vale still wants to know what made Alice’s blood so darn special.

Gordon’s got bigger problems than the women in his life. Jervis Tetch is determined to get revenge for his sister’s death, and the Mad Hatter has come up with quite the elaborate plan to do so. He sends his own human white rabbit to fetch Gordon and take him to a pay phone. This is obviously Gordon’s last stop before venturing down that rabbit hole. Jervis calls Gordon, promising to make him confront who he really is and drive him mad in the process.

Tetch hypnotized a bride and groom to jump to their deaths from an overpass. He’s also positioned a young boy in the path of an oncoming truck. Gordon has to choose who to save because he can’t get to both of them in time. Predictably, he chooses the boy, and the couple meets a grisly end.

The Hatter Kidnaps Valerie and Lee

Bullock and Barnes are trying to piece together what happened to the bride and groom. Bullock interviews the young boy and learns that Gordon saved his life. Bullock tries to call Gordon but gets no answer. That’s because the Hatter has sent Gordon scurrying to a nearby apartment and has instructed him not to say anything to the police.

Bullock notices that Barnes doesn’t have his cane, and Barnes admits he doesn’t need it anymore. He orders an APB to be put out on Gordon. Bullock notices the white rabbit, and when they try to question him, the man keeps muttering, “James Gordon, I have a message for you.” They realize he’s been hypnotized and that Tetch is up to something.

When Gordon arrives at the apartment, he sees a bulletin board covered with newspaper clippings and pictures — all of the items are tied to Gordon in some way. A phone rings, and Gordon picks up. The Hatter instructs Gordon to look through a telescope he placed in front of a nearby window. Gordon spies with his little eye the Hatter himself. Tetch questions what Gordon has against married couples and attributes it to the fact that Gordon was held at gunpoint by Barbara wearing a wedding gown. Gordon hangs up on Tetch, which infuriates him. Tetch orders Gordon not to do it again, but Gordon ignores the warning.

Gordon knows this is about Alice. He tells the Hatter that Alice hated him, and she died trying to get away from him. So if the Hatter wants to blame anyone for her death, he should blame himself.

Tetch tells Gordon that if he hangs up again, Valerie dies. Gordon spots a man dragging a struggling Valerie to a nearby van. He runs down, but by the time he reaches the street, they’re gone and so is Tetch.

Tabitha has stashed Butch at a safe house. Barbara warns the Tigress that it’s only a matter of time before Penguin figures out who freed him from police custody. Tabitha’s working on a plan.

Gordon interrupts their chat, demanding to know where Tetch is. Barbara claims to have no idea, but the Hatter’s knowledge about James was stuff only she and a few others know. Barbara does admit that Tetch came into the club a few days ago wanting to know all about Gordon. It seems Babs spilled the goods on everything regarding Gordon’s personal and professional life. Tetch already knew about Vale, but Barbara filled him in about Lee.

Gordon immediately calls Lee’s cell phone, but the Hatter answers. He wants Gordon to meet him at Gotham Water and Power.

Barnes is trying to question the white rabbit without any success. His anger gets the better of him, and the effects of Alice’s blood surface for just a moment. Bullock bursts in with the news that Gordon has been spotted.

Gordon finds another trap waiting for him. The Hatter appears on several TV screens, informing Gordon that he’s got another choice to make. Tetch has kidnapped a news anchor and the city’s finest pediatrician. Gordon has to kill one or else the Hatter will kill them both. Gordon refuses to shoot anyone. He’s done playing Tetch’s game.

Barnes and Bullock arrive with some officers, and Gordon instructs a cop to find the main power shut-off. But the Hatter tells Gordon when he doesn’t choose that there are consequences and electrocutes both of the men.

Gordon’s feeling some serious guilt for the body count amassing because of his tiff with the Hatter. He tells Barnes that all of this is just a prelude. Tetch is going to make Gordon choose between Lee and Valerie, and if Gordon doesn’t, the Hatter will kill them both.

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Tea for Three

Tetch brings Valerie and Lee back to Lee’s apartment and chains them up with the help of whichever dum-dum Dumfree brother is left. Even with their lives hanging in the balance, Valerie can’t help but try and interview Lee about Alice Tetch’s blood. All Lee wants to do is get free. Valerie’s dad was a cop, and she can talk Lee through springing them free, but she wants information on Alice’s blood in return.

Gordon figures out that the white rabbit has the final clue for getting him to the end of this wild ride. Gordon’s presence is required at a tea party at Lee’s.

Mario has learned that his fiance is missing and wants answers. Gordon tells Mario he’s just going to have to trust him, but Mario says that according to Barnes, Gordon is the reason Lee’s in trouble in the first place. Gordon decides to recruit Mario to help him save Lee and Valerie.

Despite their admirable efforts, Lee and Valerie aren’t able to escape their captor and are seated with him in the dining room when Gordon shows up. He has no choice but to relinquish his weapon, sit down and partake in some tea with a psychopath. The Mad Hatter makes it clear that the woman Gordon loves is going to die, just as soon as he figures out which woman it is.

While the Hatter rehashes his grievances with Gordon, Mario lets himself into the basement, where he also has a gun stashed. Mario, who is a tasty alternative to Gordon, makes his way upstairs.

Gordon promises to choose one of the women if the Hatter calls off his unwilling minions. He’s afraid they’ll accidentally shoot him by accident. Mario comes up behind the Hatter, who is still armed himself. But Gordon’s plan doesn’t work out as he had hoped. The Hatter switched the bullets to blanks in Mario’s gun. The Hatter orders Dumfree to chain Mario up in the bathroom.

Gordon decides to use Alice against Tetch, particularly their odious, incestuous relationship. Tetch flips and puts his gun to Gordon’s head. James tries to convince Tetch to let Lee and Vale leave, but the Hatter is determined that Gordon live on and suffer without his love like the Hatter has. Gordon refuses to choose, so Tetch gives Gordon until the count of three to tell him which woman to kill or he’ll shoot them both.

Gordon tells the Hatter to shoot Lee. But figuring that Valerie was the one Gordon really loves, he shoots the reporter in the stomach. The Hatter feels triumphant since he’s convinced that he’s proved Gordon isn’t a hero but rather a villain. Tetch leaves, and Lee calls for an ambulance.

Headed for Heartbreak

Another love story is playing out as well. Penguin has been trying to tell Nygma he loves him all day. He finally invites Nygma to dinner, but a happy ending probably isn’t in the cards for this cute couple. While picking out a bottle of wine for dinner, Nygma meets a Miss Kringle look-alike, who also has a thing for riddles.

As Lee and Gordon wait for news about Valerie, Gordon tries to explain his actions, but Lee cuts him off, telling him it isn’t the right time.

Were you surprised that Gordon told the Mad Hatter to shoot Lee? How long before Barnes goes completely out of control? Do Valerie and Gordon have a shot now that she’s been shot? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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