Ready to officially meet new agents Alex Quinn and Nick Torres in the NCIS season 14 premiere? Though it’s been months since Tony left, Gibbs has yet to pick a new member for his team. That’s about to change.

In “Rogue,” the team investigates a deadly car explosion in DC that connects to Nick, who disappeared six months ago while on a deep undercover assignment in Argentina. Meanwhile, Gibbs asks Alex to shadow his team after rejecting eight agents she instructed and referred to him.

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Watch the promo for “Rogue” as the team deals with car bombs and the new agents:

Gibbs gets Alex to stick around by suggesting she see first-hand the kind of agent they need. As for Nick, being on a team is going to be a first for this undercover agent.

Check out a sneak peek of a change in the squad room:

When Bishop returns from work after a trip to Scotland (which included her getting a feel for Clayton Reeves’ “incredible” stamina when they hiked), she notes that McGee has yet to settle in at his new desk. It’s like “bizarro world,” he explains. Everything’s reversed, so he’s having trouble adjusting to the layout.

Bishop has been gone long enough that Gibbs has also tried out and rejected another probie. He fell asleep at work twice, McGee reminds the agent, Terry Mahler, so is it any surprise that Gibbs fired him? Let someone else deal with the guy with “chronic exhaustion” who needs a couple naps a day.

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Watch Alex compare Gibbs to Goldilocks in the NCIS season 14 premiere:

After Gibbs rejected eight agents in three months, Alex has had enough and pays him a visit at work. No one was the right fit, he argues. One was too smart, one too slow, one too physical and one too timid. “You’re like the Goldilocks of NCIS,” Alex says. He’ll know what he’s looking for when he sees it, he insists, and he suggests she stick around and shadow the team.

Check out a clip of Nick refusing to be sidelined:

Bishop wonders why Nick has spent eight years doing nothing but undercover work, and Alex attributes it to “different strokes,” adding, “He probably views a desk job as a fate worse than death.” And it’s not just undercover agents who have to carry what they had to do for a case with them, the FLETC instructor reminds her: “Every action we take has a consequence.”

When Gibbs, McGee and Nick join them, the focus turns to the case. Leo Silva is in DC, attending the World Oil and Energy Conference. He’s been in DC for two days already, so he has plenty of time to put the hit out on the Campbells, attend the event and leave town. But Nick knows he won’t leave until he gets what he wants: “me and my family dead.” Nick wants to face him, but Gibbs informs him, “That’s not how we do things.” Nick argues that he knows how he operates and Gibbs can’t sideline him.

What do you think of these first looks at Alex and Nick in action? Are you happy that McGee’s moving to Tony’s old desk instead of one of the new agents taking it?  

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