All good things must come to an end, especially on Fear the Walking Dead. In this season 2 episode, “Pillar of Salt,” as Madison and friends build up the hotel, scorned mother Eileen throws a wrench in the harmony. Madison does get closer to Nick than she’s ever been since the farm went up in flames. And has the Colonia been compromised?

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Escape and Capture

In the early morning at the Colonia, Francisco and his family make a quiet getaway from the complex. They don’t get very far from the Colonia when Marco, the head drug den leader, finds them and captures them to get answers about the Colonia’s location.

And it seems that Ofelia has managed her own escape from the hotel, though I don’t know why. She finds an old restaurant where she reminisces about the day she got engaged. Once she shakes off the memories, she siphons some gas from abandoned cars and gases up her truck, which she stole from Strand and the group. She thinks about her mother and father, and then heads off in the direction of the United States.

Disturbing the Peace

Things seem to be going pretty well at the hotel resort. The group has planted some seeds to farm, they are fishing and they even have a generator going to provide power to the hotel. Things are going so well that Alicia seems to have the time to take some surfing lessons with Hector.

However, as they formulate a plan to get more supplies, the scorned mother of the bride, Eileen, knocks on the door and stabs Strand, blaming him for her daughter’s death. As Andres, a med student, tends to his wound, Madison tries to figure out what to do with Eileen. Andres tells the group that in order to help Strand, he needs antibiotics and more supplies. Elena says she knows of a place, but it’s a drive.

Before Elena, Madison and Oscar head out, Madison announces that Eileen will stay locked away indefinitely and that if anyone hurts another member of the group, they will be forced to leave. Despite the dictatorship rules, everyone agrees to keep the peace.

Right before they get into the van to leave, Elena has an argument with Hector. She tells Madison that it was about Hector’s brother, Antonio, who works for the group they are going to get the drugs from.

Colonia Lockdown

After the news that Francisco left with his family, Alejandro declares a lockdown at the Colonia. No one goes in or out, even on runs for supplies. Nick thinks it’s a bad idea and is worried that Marco will find the location of the Colonia. However, Alejandro assures him that they are safe, as long as they stay put.

Nick tries to reason with Luciana, but she lays her foot down and says that whatever Alejandro says goes. They will not leave.

Never taking no for an answer, Nick finds a guard who will sneak off with him in the middle of the night to make the drug exchange and get water and supplies to the group. However, just before he leaves, he sees off in the far distance that someone is scouting out the Colonia, and it happens to be Marco and Antonio.

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A Close Encounter

Elena, Madison and Oscar arrive at the drug den that Marco runs. The guard at the door only allows Madison and Elena in, and makes Oscar wait outside. They speak with Antonio and offer up fish and ice for the supply list that Andres needs. Elena tries to talk some sense into Antonio, but he’s all business, asking if they can get more ice, as Marco will like that.

As Antonio gathers up the supplies, Madison and Elena overhear an interrogation of Francisco and his wife. Madison asks Elena to translate what Marco is saying, and once she hears him describe a “gringo with straggly brown hair,” she immediately thinks of Nick and barges in to the interrogation. Elena runs after her, begging for her to stop. Once in the room, Madison pleads with Francisco and his wife, Ana, for information on Nick, despite Marco getting very upset. They are eventually dragged out with their supplies and probably an X on their backs.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, before the group arrives with the medicine, Alicia and Strand bond a bit. Once the group comes back, Andres takes the medicine to work on Strand, while Alicia runs to the generator and flips on the neon hotel sign. Elena and Alicia freak out, and Alicia runs after her. Madison explains what happened, and Alicia basically flips out, saying that Nick left them and Madison needs to focus on her, someone who is still standing by her side and with her. Just as Madison flips off the sign, we see Travis off in the distance who saw the sign.

What’s Next?

With just two episodes left of Fear the Walking Dead season 2, there’s a lot of conflict that needs to be resolved. Nick seems to be right about the Colonia and how it needs to be protected, and they need to keep Marco happy. Perhaps his paradise isn’t so perfect after all, but I guess we kind of knew that already.

And Madison is going to blow up her paradise spot. She’s so focused on Nick that not only does she not care about the child who’s never left her side, but she also doesn’t seem to care that Travis is still out roaming Mexico too. But I guess she forgot about him.

I really don’t care about what Ofelia is up to. She’s another one that thinks she’s better off on her own, but you’re better off in numbers on Fear the Walking Dead. The gas in her truck will only get her so far, and then what?

How long will the generator last at the hotel? And what happens when Eileen gets out and goes on a stabbing spree again? Or what happens when they all get cabin fever? Do they recruit new members like the Colonia? Is Madison a strong enough leader to run a group like that? Or will her emotions stand in the way? What do you think of Fear the Walking Dead this season? Do you like that they are in Mexico? Do you think they will ever make it back into the States? Share your thoughts below.

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