Suits‘ “P.S.L.” sees a big change in the future for the firm, as Jessica’s forced to decide between Leonard Bailey’s trial and attending a meeting that could determine her business’ future. Meanwhile, Mike’s out of prison and facing a decision of his own: what to do next.

Here are Jessica Pearson’s best moments from the midseason finale.

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Jessica Refuses to Prioritize the Firm Over Leonard Bailey’s Life

Suits 610 1.pngWhen it looks like they might lose Jim Reynolds as a client, Harvey wants Jessica to go see him. However, since she’s due in court for Bailey, she tells him to go in her place. “It’s a death row appeal,” she points out. “How’s it going to look if I start trial saying that my business is more important than a man’s life? … Whatever reason I come up with, that prosecutor’s going to make it look like I don’t care. And I’m not taking that risk.”

Jessica Lets Leonard Decide If He Wants to Take the Stand — and Fights So Rachel Can Question Him

“It’s obvious Mr. Bailey’s first attorney didn’t care about him at all, but Ms. Zane fought to have this case taken on and she’s the reason we’re even here today,” Jessica argues. “Which is why Mr. Bailey is simply asking that she be with him now. So unless the prosecution is so unsure of his case that he can’t handle a law student, we ask that she be allowed to question the witness.”

Jessica Chooses Leonard Over the Firm

When she’s about to cross-examine the victim’s father, Harvey and Louis show up in court to tell her Reynolds’ board moved up the meeting. The judge refuses to grant her a continuance, so she tells Harvey and Louis to go without her. “I’m not abandoning Leonard to some corporate power struggle … That man’s life is on the line, and I’m not hanging him out to dry.”

Young Jessica Tells Her Father She’s Going to Harvard Law

Suits 610 2.png“I’m going to be a lawyer,” she tells him. The plan of her becoming a surgeon was his plan, not hers. But in his mind, doctors save lives while lawyers are just power-hungry bottom-feeders. “I’m not going to be,” Jessica argues. “You raised me to do what inspires me, and what inspires me is to be a lawyer.”

Jessica’s Cross-Examination of the Victim’s Father Leads to Leonard’s Freedom

Jessica gets Victor to admit that he paid for Maria to go to rehab to keep her from testifying. The prosecutor has no objections to Jessica’s request that Leonard be exonerated, and Leonard Bailey is free.

“It was the most satisfying moment of my entire career,” Jessica says after to Robert Zane when he praises her cross.

Jessica Turns Down Robert Zane’s Offer to Merge Their Firms

“I appreciate your offer, more than you know, Robert, but I’ve had my name first for too long. I can’t go back to having it last,” she explains. And if there’s nowhere for her name after her choice to not attend the meeting with Reynold’s board, “then so be it.”

Jessica Reveals She’s Leaving the Firm

Suits 610 3.png“Somewhere along the way, I forgot why I became a lawyer in the first place, and it wasn’t just to fight for money and power. It was to fight for something more,” she tells Harvey and Louis. And when Harvey checks if she’s sure about her decision, she admits, “To tell you the truth, for the first time in my life, I’m not sure about anything and it scares the shit out of me. But I’m sure I have to do this.”

Jessica Shows up on Jeff’s Doorstep

Suits 610 4.pngShe’s not just there to say goodbye, she reveals. “I came to see what you think about me coming with you.” She tells him she’s leaving the firm, and it’s not just for him. “I’m doing this for me. I don’t want to be a corporate lawyer anymore.” She’s walking away, even if he doesn’t want her to join him in Chicago — but he does.

Suits will be back with new episodes in the winter on USA.

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