The case in Criminal Minds season 12 episode 2 is a tough one for JJ, as she arrives home shaken and breaks down and tells her husband about the abduction of two children in “Sick Day.” But as the sneak peek asks, is the BAU looking for someone who has done this before?

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This UnSub likes fire, and he’s aiming to perfect a fantasy he’s trying to live out, with his endgame in Los Angeles. But is JJ going to end up in danger?

Check out a sneak peek from this Criminal Minds episode:

Instead of heading home, the team’s on the way to the next case. The bodies of two children were found in an abandoned building that burned down in Los Angeles, and it looks like these are the missing kids Hotch is consulting on: 14-year-old Hannah from Irvine and 11-year-old Max from Anaheim, both abducted in broad daylight from low-risk neighborhoods. The UnSub could have stalked them and learned their daily, and a blitz attack would not only be faster, but also intimidating, which he could use to establish control.

Two years ago in San Diego, the bodies of two runaways and foster kids with police records were also found burned in abandoned buildings, but months apart. So why were the latest victims found together? Reid focuses on the fire, which could be a forensic countermeasure, but also could have something to do with the UnSub’s childhood since pyromaniacal urges emerge in early adolescence. However, as Alvez wants to know, how can they be sure this is the same guy?

Are you looking forward to seeing JJ’s family again?

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