Of course, nothing good can ever stay the same on Fear the Walking Dead. It seems like throughout season 2, every time someone found a safe haven, it was compromised somehow. And in the season 2 finale, “Wrath”/”North,” that is exactly what happens. Nick urges Alejandro to allow his people to leave when he finds out that Marco is planning to attack the Colonia. Ofelia crosses into the United States, only to possibly find trouble. And when Travis learns what happens to Chris, his actions force him and his family out of the hotel.

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Learning Chris’ Fate

After a rough night’s sleep, Madison assures Travis that things will be better and that he did the right thing by letting Chris go with Derrick and Brandon. Later, she checks on Andres and the refugees. She notices two guys causing a scene, and after speaking with them about a car accident they were in, she realizes it’s the two guys Travis left Chris with. And when they tell her that the driver of their car is dead, she freaks out.

Madison rushes to Strand to find out what to do. He tells her that if she tells Travis, he will never be the same again. But when she goes to get more information from them, the other refugees think Brandon and Derrick are getting special treatment, and they follow them out of the parking garage. Travis sees the commotion and sees the two guys. Thinking Chris is with them, he runs out.

Of course, Chris is not with them, so Travis and Madison interrogate Brandon and Derrick. Their story of the car accident seems legit, but how Chris died is shaky. First, they say he flew out of the windshield and broke his neck, so they buried him by a tree. Then they backtrack and say they pulled him out of the truck. Travis catches on as he’s leaving the room, so he locks himself in the room with Derrick and Brandon and starts beating them to get the truth. They then explain that Chris pulled himself out of the truck, but he had a compound fracture in his leg, so they shot him.

Travis loses it. He beats both of them to death while Madison and some of her friends at the hotel look on. When Oscar opens the door to try and stop Travis, he slams the door on his head and knocks him out.

It’s Time to Go

After Brandon and Derrick are killed, Hector removes Travis from the room and locks him away. Madison goes to finish his dirty work so Brandon and Derrick don’t turn. Strand explains that there is no way Travis can stay, and there’s nothing Madison can say to convince Elena otherwise. Alicia suggests that they just all leave with Travis. Eventually, Madison agrees, but Strand says he won’t go.

Madison tells Elena they will leave in the morning; they’ll just let Travis spend the night in the room with them. Despite Hector’s pleading, Elena agrees. Meanwhile, Andres tends to Oscar, who eventually dies. Andres and Hector are pretty ticked off that a murdering Travis gets to spend the night in a bed while Oscar dies, so they barge into the room to kill him.

Andres pulls a gun on Travis, who tells him he doesn’t care if they kill him, just not in front of his family. Everyone is screaming, and as he goes to pull the trigger, Alicia stabs Andres. A fight ensues, and eventually Strand comes in and tells Madison, Travis and Alicia to run. They pack up a truck very quickly, but Strand doesn’t go with them and instead tells Madison that he’ll be fine.

A War is Coming

At the Colonia, Nick and a guard sneak off to give Marco his weekly drug drop in the hopes of convincing him not to attack the Colonia. Marco already has wheels in motion to take over and doesn’t care who gets killed. Nick tells Luciana, and they tell Alejandro together. Alejandro doesn’t seem too concerned and wants to fight. As they make plans, a patient turns and attacks them.

Nick manages to get away, but Alejandro and a few other patients are bitten. To get rid of the walker, Nick pushes his eyes all the way into his brain until he dies. It is quite graphic.

Nick starts packing up, but Luciana doesn’t want to go. Alejandro comes into Nick’s bunker, and Nick forces him to tell Luciana that he’s not invincible. Alejandro explains that the first bite, which everyone thought was a walker bite, was actually not a walker bite but rather just a bite from a human. Now that he’s actually bit, he’s dying. Luciana feels betrayed, but she forces Alejandro to continue to lead the Colonia and she wants to fight Marco, even if they all die.

As they prepare, Nick leaves. However, as he walks down the road, he sees a helicopter and runs back to the Colonia.

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A Safe Place?

Nick goes to see Alejandro and tells him about how he saw a helicopter landing north, possibly to a safe compound. He urges Alejandro to tell the people of Colonia, including Luciana, to leave and head north to safety. A dying Alejandro finally agrees that Nick is right.

A Takeover

Marco heads to the Colonia with his group. However, when they get there, everyone is gone — well, except for Alejandro, who manages to drag himself into the bus that the Colonia used as an entrance and exit. He turns on the bus and drives it past the fence into the compound, allowing all the walkers behind the fence to basically take over the Colonia and all of Marco’s people.

An Escape?

Madison, Travis and Alicia head to the supermarket that Marco runs, hoping to find Nick, except they get there too late, as Marco and his group have already started on their quest to take over the Colonia. Madison searches Francisco’s dead body for information on where the Colonia is.

They eventually find the Colonia, but again, a little too late — or perhaps, in this case, just in time, as Marco and his group have all turned and the Colonia is nothing but walkers. You can tell that Madison fears for Nick’s life. However, Alicia finds Alejandro on the bus, just barely holding on. Madison manages to ask him where Nick is, and before he dies, he tells her that they went north across the border.

Meanwhile, Nick and the Colonia people manage to make it across the border. However, no sooner do they cross and try to gain their bearings on where the helicopter is landing than gunfire erupts. Luciana is hit, and as Nick tends to her, someone with a gun finds them, separates them and starts beating Nick.

And while all this is going on, Ofelia is making her way to the border as well when her truck breaks down. She starts walking when she is attacked by some walkers. She finds a hole in a fence and crosses into the United States — though I’m not sure if she knows this when she goes through the fence. Soon, though, she finds herself among gunfire too. She hides behind a tree and prays. That’s when a man with a gun takes her knife and welcomes her to the United States, though we don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Now What?

As with season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead, season 2 ends with a cliffhanger: what are they going to do now? I hope that Nick survives, but I don’t necessarily care about his girlfriend. It is a shame that he thought he was leading people to safety, only to possibly lead them to their deaths, though I’m not sure why Nick thought that just crossing over the border was a good idea. Just because they’re in the apocalypse, it’s doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly okay to do that. If you couldn’t do it before, why would it be okay now? But then again, who knows?

And Madison, Travis and Alicia are on the run again. This time, Travis is with them, whereas in the spring finale, Travis left them to be with Chris. It’s terrible that Chris was killed after Travis let him go. He’s going to hold that with himself forever. He is already carrying around his first wife’s death, and now this. Between that and actually killing the men who killed his son, Travis is going to be a mess in season 3.

Plus, Alicia killed too. She seems real shaken up.

Madison is the only one who seems to have dealt with killing people in a better way. She didn’t see too shaken up when she locked Celia in with the dead at the earlier compound. And despite her screaming at Travis to stop, we all know she would have done the same thing had it been Nick who was killed. Part of me thinks that Madison just wanted Travis to stop so they could have stayed at the hotel.

I’m curious if the same people who shot at Ofelia are the same people who shot at Nick. I’m also curious to see if that really is a safe compound where the helicopter was landing. And I’m also a little grossed out. This was quite possibly the bloodiest, goriest episode yet of Fear the Walking Dead.

What did you think of the season 2 finale? Do you think Nick will survive? Were you surprised that Chris was killed? Did you like how Alejandro sacrificed himself at the very end to sort of “save” the Colonia? Leave your comments below.

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