“A Bitter Draught,” the second episode of Once Upon a Time season 6, demonstrated the consequences of playing out untold stories. The Count of Monte Cristo arrived in Storybrooke and was forced to play out a story that he had fled. At the end of the episode, the Evil Queen taunted Regina and Snow, telling them that everyone has an untold story.

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The characters from the Land of Untold Stories may not be the only ones trapped in a story that has a bad ending. The season premiere of Once Upon a Time established that Emma would be playing out her own story, and that Regina was starting a new story without the Evil Queen. Could Emma’s fears be justified? Perhaps their stories will intermingle and they will end up battling. It would be odd for Regina to completely revert to her evil ways. However, there are several factors at play this season. Maybe the Evil Queen will force Regina to battle Emma, or maybe an enchantment or character from the Land of Untold Stories will control Regina. 

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After the Count of Monte Cristo’s untimely death, Henry combed through the story book to learn more about the Count. He discovered that the Count’s story was supposed to have a different ending. This could mean that the stories have all become jumbled. Now that the characters from the Land of Untold Stories have come to a new land, all of their stories may become intertwined. This could cause major changes, and catalyze old untold stories. 

The episode ended with David receiving a coin from the Evil Queen. He told her that it was the charm his father wore around his wrist for good luck. This could mean that David will have a new story unfold, and that his father may show up. It may be important to note that Rumplestiltskin was the one who had the coin. Rumple was also responsible for sending David’s twin brother to a queen and king. Could this mean that Rumplestiltskin was responsible for the death of David’s father? 

Another important part of the episode included Belle and Hook. Belle returned to Storybrooke and started looking for a place to stay. Hook offered to hide her on his ship, the Jolly Roger, in order to protect her from Rumplestiltskin. Hook is looking for redemption and is willing to risk his life to protect Belle. While it is unlikely that Rumple would ever do anything to harm Belle, he would have no issue harming Hook. It could be that the story between Hook and his crocodile will finally unfold. Will Hook capture his crocodile, or will he die trying? 

Once Upon a Time is filled with interesting characters and colorful stories. Season 6 offers fans a bevy of new characters as well as stories that have gone untold. What story do you think will be told next? 

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