In a recent preview for the season 5 finale with TVLine, the creative team teased something big for Once Upon a Time. It is possible that one current couple won’t “last” the season. In any other show this would be par for the course but on Once Upon a Time love, especially true love, is pretty much everything. A death of a couple takes a lot to happen and it should mean that the final episode of season 5 has a lot in store. Here is our rundown for the five most likely couples who will be separated from one another by the time season 5 ends.

Emma and Hook

The preview for the next episode, “Firebird” certainly wants the audience to believe that Hook and Emma’s days as lovebirds are numbered. I’m not sure anyone really buys it though. Emma and Hook are in this annoying pattern of being self-sacrificing and noble. They keep breaking up with one another for the other’s protection and it is nauseating as it is repetitive. 

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Even though the second half of season 5 was built on the strength of Emma and Hook’s relationship, both characters have been kind of pushed to the side. They rarely share scenes together anymore. It would feel incredibly rushed and unearned if Once Upon a Time just broke them to create some level of extra drama. 

Chances of Break-Up: Extremely Unlikely

Regina and Robin

When it comes to a conventional break-up Regina and Robin are more than safe. The chances that Regina and Robin will choose to part ways are dead in the water. The chances that Regina and Robin could be separated by something more extreme like death are alive and well. Regina will survive the season because she is one of the most important characters on the show. Robin’s rate of morality is a lot lower.

There are rumors that actor Sean Maguire is leaving the show which neither actor now show will confirm or deny. Robin also hasn’t done much of anything since the gang traveled to the Underworld. If Maguire wants to leave the show because he feels like he is being underutilized, he wouldn’t exactly be wrong. 

This is not even to mention that Robin is the father of Zelena’s child. Hades just so happens to be in love with Zelena and has proved to be very dangerous when Zelena and her daughter are concerned. It wouldn’t take much aggravation or persuasion on Hades’ part to kill Robin and make himself Zelena’s daughter new daddy. 

Chances of Break-Up: (Sadly) Somewhat Likely

Zelena and Hades

Zelena and Hades are the newest couple on Once Upon a Time but they’re also probably the most volatile. They are surprisingly harmonious together but they are as evil as Hannibal Lecter at serial killer convention and crazier than a bag of cats in heat. While Hades and Zelena might be in love it’s not going to take a lot for either one of them to snap and turn on each other. Zelena was captured before she could put her plan into action but no one knows how Hades will react to Zelena trying to heal his heart. The man god does have some anger management issues.

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Zelena’s kidnapping is also important. She’s being held by Peter Pan who wants nothing more to escape the Underworld. He just needs to switch places with someone who is alive to do it and now that he has Zelena he could easily make that happen. Robin might die but it could be Baby Hood’s mother who ends kicking the bucket by the end of the season thereby breaking up her new love affair with Hades.

Chances of Break-Up: Likely

Rumple and Belle

It’s bit a tricky to say these two are still together. They are recently re-married, they are having a child together but they are far from happy with one another. Belle did tell Rumple that she loves him but she also admitted that Rumple won’t be able to wake from a sleeping curse with true love’s kiss. So these two might only be “together” in the sense that are still married.

Whatever Rumple and Belle’s connection though, she needs to dump and divorce his ass as soon as she wakes up from that sleeping curse. This relationship which was once interesting and heat-warming as become toxic and icky. Belle and Rumple no longer fit together. Rumple has proved time and time again the only thing he loves or respects is himself and his power. Rumple is a horrible husband, he will be an awful father and he is a terrible person. Belle needs to get herself and her unborn child as far away as possible for this Dark One.

Chances of Break-Up: So Likely That it Needs to Happen, Oh Please Make it Happen

Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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