What happens when The Flash loses his speed? If The Flash is Barry, he remains a hero and risks his life to protect people. On The Flash Season 2 Episode 19, “Back to Normal,” Barry had to deal with reverting to his “normal” speed-less self and find a way to save Wells from a strong Metahuman. Meanwhile, Caitlin met her Earth-2 doppelganger, Killer Frost.

“Back to Normal” had a nice balance of funny and heartfelt lines and exchanges. Check out the best quotes from the hour.

Joe: “Without your speed, there’s no way any of us can get through that breach that Cisco found at the hospital. I just don’t think there’s anything we can do right now.”
Harry: “That’s right. And that’s on you, Al.”
Joe: “Enough. We’re all suffering here.”
Harry: “That’s right. That’s right, Detective. We’re all suffering. We’ve lost Snow, you’ve lost your speed and now? Now Zoom can come through that breach any time he wants. And that, Allen, that’s on on you!”
Iris: “Hey, that’s on all of us. Okay. We made these decisions as a team.”
Harry: “No, we didn’t.”

Barry: “I finished all my cases this morning.”
Joe: “Damn, that was fast. That was a poor choice of words.”

“You’re here because I love you. It may take awhile, but someday you’ll start feeling that way about me again too.”
– Hunter

TheFlash_219_00001.png“Well, hello, doppelganger of mine. What do you know? I can still pull off brunette.”
– Killer Frost

“You killed a man! I can’t just forgive you for that. And I may be afraid of Zoom, but … but I’m just as afraid of you. Please, just– just go. “
– Jesse

“So, why hide the girls? I mean, you’ve seen our body, right?”
– Killer Frost

“Let’s make a deal. You get me out of this box, and I’ll help you get home. Might even throw in some wardrobe tips for free. So what do you say, Caitlin? Do we have a deal?”
– Killer Frost

TheFlash_219_00002.pngJesse: “I might be able to help. Bio-chem was one of my majors in college.”
Barry: “One of your majors? How many did you have?”
Jesse: “Five. What, is that not common here?”
Iris: “Girl, no, that is not common anywhere.”

“I can’t watch you be a human punching bag until he turns into Grandpa Simpson.”
– Joe

Barry: “I don’t… I just don’t even know who I am anymore or who I’m supposed to be.”
Iris: “Barry, you’re supposed to be the same guy that you’ve always been. Suit or no suit … that guy is a hero.”

TheFlash_219_00005.png“It looks like you have a little bad ass in you after all.”
– Killer Frost

Killer Frost: “Oh, Caity. I don’t think he’s ever going home. And neither are you.”
Caitlin: “What are you doing? I thought we had a deal.
Killer Frost: “Ugh, is everyone on your Earth this gullible?”

Cisco: “You’ll be like a pinata. Only it won’t be candy coming out, it’ll be– “
Barry: “Me.”
Cisco: “Your– yeah, you.”

Cisco: “Why is it that bad guys always insist on having the creepiest hideouts?”
Joe: “Cause they crazy.”

TheFlash_219_00007.pngWells: “When your mother died, honey …  something inside me broke.  I couldn’t protect her. And I swore– I swore on her grave, no less, that I would protect you and then Zoom took you, and    I snapped. I just snapped. I couldn’t breath. I … I couldn’t lose the only other person that I love.”
Jesse: “Yeah, I get that. I understand why you did everything you did to protect me. I mean, you were only missing one day, and I would have done anything to find you.”

Wells: “I will make you a promise. I promise you, I will be the kind of father you can be proud of. If you promise me you will never run away from me again.”
Jesse: “Okay. Okay, deal I love you, Dad.”
Wells: “I love you, too. My little Jesse Quick.”

TheFlash_219_00008.pngWally: “I guess, what I wanted to say was that …  I’m not gonna waste this chance that you’ve given me. Thank you.”
The Flash: “You’re welcome, Wally.”

Wells: “You are gonna get your speed back, Barry, and I’m going to help you do that.”
Barry: “How?”
Wells: “By creating another particle accelerator explosion.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

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