Dr. Bull managed to get Jemma out of jail on the latest episode of Bull, helping the jury see that she was potentially a victim of Stockholm syndrome. However, there’s a chance that she wasn’t a victim after all. As she powered her laptop up, there was a sinister look on her face, suggesting dark intentions. Is it possible that Dr. Bull got it wrong this time? Did he see just what he wanted to see?

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While some of his team tend to see the darker side of people, Dr. Bull attempts to see the good. That’s especially the case when it comes to younger victims. In an earlier episode of Bull, he helped to convince a jury that a young boy hadn’t murdered his terminally ill girlfriend and wasn’t culpable for her death. Bull saw the innocence in the man and the difficult situation he was faced with. In the latest episode, he was drawn to the young, innocent Jemma. She went off with an older man and that had to mean she had been coerced into her actions.

This wish to see the good in people can cloud his judgment. He’s shown in the past that seeing the good in people can lead to trouble. Despite his experience in psychology, some people are able to manipulate him. Jemma may have been one of those people.

Many other shows, especially the likes of Criminal Minds and NCIS, have shown that sociopaths can outsmart the psychologists. If Jemma is a sociopath, it’s easy to understand how Bull could have been manipulated into seeing the good in her.

There Had to Be a Reason One Juror Wouldn’t Budge

In the end of Bull, the jury was stuck in a deadlock. One juror refused to budge, not believing Jemma’s story. Bull and his team couldn’t completely understand why, with Bull pushing it off as the juror not having a heart. Yet the show usually focuses on a specific reason a juror switches opinion or sticks to an original opinion within the episode.

The juror’s lack of movement could have been something bigger. There was no reason for the juror not to be compelled by Jemma’s testimony, unless he had a feeling that she wasn’t telling the whole truth. This lone juror may have seen through Jemma’s testimony and believed the man she was accusing.

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This could be the way the trial comes back to haunt Bull. At the end, the DA revealed that Jemma was pressing charges against her alleged captor and he was dropping charges against Jemma. This will mean a trial later, which Bull could become involved in. The lone juror may turn to Bull to explain why he didn’t budge, when everyone else did.

Do you think Bull was manipulated? Will this trial come back to haunt him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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