Most shows have entered their winter hiatus but production hasn’t halted completely. With the break in shows airing comes news of casting. The 100 has added another baddie to season 5. Meanwhile NCIS, The Originals and Supergirl are adding mysterious new characters with possibly huge implications. Lastly, Law & Order: SVU has landed some familiar faces for a buzzworthy episode.

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The mysterious Eligius ship spotted at the end of The 100 season 4 is beginning to come into clearer focus. Deadline reports that Power’s Mike Dopud has joined The 100 season 5 as one of the prisoners aboard the ship. 

Dopud will play Vinson, who looks “more like a professor than a hardened criminal.” His appearance is just a ruse, however. Vinson is a terrifying serial killer who will keep everyone on their toes during season 5. 

Jaime Murray Joins Originals as Mysterious Vampire 

Jaime Murray is expanding her genre TV resume. After appearances on Once Upon a Time, Dexter and Defiance, TVLine is reporting that the actress is joining the final season of The Originals. Murray will play Antoinette, a beautiful “old-school” vampire who will have a connection to Elijah. 

Murray will first appear in the third episode of The Originals season 5. She meets Elijah shortly after he loses his memories. It’s unclear what exactly Antoinette’s goals are but she’s described as having dark secrets and a painful past. 

Gabrielle Carteris Signs on to NCIS for a Big Twist 

She won’t be a part of the cast for a long time but 90210 alum Gabrielle Carteris is set to have a big impact on NCIS. TVLine reports the actress has signed on for a guest star spot in a January 2018 episode of the long-running series. 

She will play Julie Hart, the mother of a suspect that’s involved in one of the team’s cases. Carteris’ character is described as being “fiercely loyal” to her daughter and that will set up a big twist at the end of the episode. The content and context of that twist is being left a mystery, for now. 

Supergirl Casts New Character with a Connection to Reign 

The key to bringing down Reign in Supergirl might lie with a new character. TVLine reports that Krys Marshall, who most recently appeared on This Is Us, has signed on to recur in the second half of Supergirl season 3. 

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Marshall will play Julia Freeman, a young musician who lives near National City and “holds clues to Reign’s true identity.” Viewers already know that Samantha Arias is Reign but Kara remains unaware for now. It’s possible that Julia will uncover that secret for Kara but it’s more likely that her role will be more important than simply taking off Reign’s mask. 

Law & Order: SVU Casts Guest Stars for Harvey Weinstein Themed Episode

The Law & Order franchise frequently grabs real-life stories for inspiration. SVU season 19 will be no different. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has lined up two guest stars for an episode that looks to tackle the Harvey Weinstein scandal and all the accusations of sexual assault that followed. 

Homeland actor Martin Donovan will be playing a commercial airline pilot, while Quantico actress Yasmine Al Massri will play his co-pilot, who is accusing him of sexual assault. The show was already working on the episode before the news of the Weinstien scandal broke but now they’ve moved things around to make it even more relevant. 

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