Dr. Campbell is able to show his research’s true potential in this episode of The Gifted, titled “3 X 1.” Meanwhile, the truth about Esme and her sisters is revealed and the Mutant Underground is left with a choice: join them to take Dr. Campbell down or risk death. The Struckers make the decision to leave, but just how far do they get?

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The Mutant Underground Has a Choice to Make

After getting her sisters out of Trask, Esme and her sisters, who are called Sophie and Phoebe Frost, get a debriefing from their boss. They’re all part of rebuilding the Hellfire Club, and bringing the Hound Program down is one of their objectives. They need to go into the Mutant Underground again to get help.

Meanwhile, the Underground and the Sentinel Services are saying goodbye to their fallen comrades. Both make it clear that they want justice for their fallen.

John isn’t sure what justice is. He’s trying to hide his real feelings from the group, but Blink encourages him to talk about his feelings for Dreamer. All John knows right now is that he can’t lose anyone else.

It’s not going to be easy, though. The Frost sisters return with a request for help. Trask knows what they look like now, so they can’t go in on their own. They do have information about the next part of Campbell’s plan, though, and want the Mutant Underground’s muscle to take Campbell down.

The Struckers Choose to Leave

Meanwhile, the Struckers discuss leaving the rest of the mutants on The Gifted. Reed and Kate believe they should get to Mexico, especially once Esme and her sisters return. Some of the mutants dislike the Strucker parents for talking to Jace.

Andy and Lauren initially don’t want to leave, but Lauren starts to side with her parents. They’re dangerous together, and the mutants are whispering about everything that actually happened when they were locked in that vault at Trask.

Despite Marcos and Blink attempting to convince the Struckers to stay (and Blink reminding Lauren that Dreamer’s death wasn’t her fault), they leave for Fairburn, the stop before Mexico. Wes is there as security, meaning Lauren is a little happier with the decision.

Andy remains annoyed and is visited by one of the Frost siblings, who knows a lot more about his family and abilities than many others. The sister wants Andy to convince his family to return.

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Dr. Campbell Shares His Research

Jace has Campbell to deal with again on The Gifted. After taking most of the mutants from Trask, Campbell needs Jace to help him further his research, which he likens to those who dropped the atom bombs to end WW2. The next stage is in combining abilities, in a way that siblings like the Frosts and Struckers do.

Campbell needs to know where the Mutant Underground is so he can test his experiments in the field. Jace agrees to use his connections to find them.

The connections get Jace and Campbell to Fairburn. Mutants together are much more powerful, and Andy is knocked out.

Lorna’s Pregnancy Affects Her Abilities

Lorna and Marcos are understandably on opposite sides of the debate when it comes to the Frost sisters. Lorna is considering joining them, especially if it means keeping their baby safe. Yet when one of the Frost sisters wakes Lorna from her sleep, Lorna admits that the mutants are divided.

The Frost sister shares that Lorna’s birth father was the king of the Hellfire Club, a terrorist group. Lorna needs to join to keep the baby safe. The baby is enhancing Lorna’s abilities, making her stronger. It could be a powerful time to use her.

Marcos wants John to see Lorna’s abilities, but they have a bigger decision to make. Should they join Esme and her sisters? Marcos doesn’t want to, but Blink admits that she is done running. That’s all she’s done, especially when humans like those known as “Purists” have attacked her for being a mutant.

Before anyone at the Mutant Underground can agree on whether to join the Frosts or not, Sage shares that there’s an attack happening. Campbell’s mutants have attacked Fairburn. He has combined mutant bloodstreams with manacles around arms, making the mutants strong enough to tear down a building.

Andy is knocked out, and Wes is unable to keep his hologram up. Luckily, John and his group of mutants are able to get in before everyone is blown up. The Frosts help to get everyone through the woods and to safety.

It’s enough to get everyone back to the Underground, which is where the Struckers are staying for now. The whole attack on Fairburn also leads to the Underground choosing to side with the Frosts. However, it turns out the Frosts told Sentinel Services about Fairburn to ensure that this attack would happen. While the Hellfire Club needs the Strucker siblings, the risk was worth taking to make sure everyone saw Campbell’s full potential.

In the end, the attack on Fairburn helps Jace get the support from the government.

Did you expect Dr. Campbell’s research to advance so much? What does the Hellfire Club want with the Struckers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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