Warner Bros. has just released the artwork they will feature on this year’s San Diego Comic-Con keycards. Keep reading to get a detailed look at the images from 666 Park Avenue, Arrow and Revolution.

If you’ve been to the San Diego Comic-Con, you know how much of the experience is about the cool souvenirs. One of the most coveted of these souvenirs is the Warner Bros. keycard.

Each year, the studio creates TV or movie-themed cards for use in San Diego hotels. New TV shows 666 Park Avenue, Arrow and Revolution are the honored pieces of imagery this year.

Warner Bros. will release 40,000 of these keycards to guests staying at 38 San Diego hotels (presumably the hotels connected to Comic-Con). Guests will get one of the three designs to use during their stay. Once Comic-Con ends, you can, of course, take the keycard as a souvenir.

The artwork on these keycards is actually pretty entertaining. Check them out individually below.

666 Park Avenue (airing Sundays at 10pm on ABC)

Starring Terry O’Quinn (**Lost) and Vanessa Williams (**Desperate Housewives), **666 Park Avenue focuses on a luxury apartment building with a dark, possibly devilish history. The Comic-Con keycard for the show reflects the potential evil perfectly.

Nothing says evil like a gargoyle, after all.

Arrow (airing Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW)

After five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) comes home to right the wrongs that plague his home city. With arrows, of course! The Arrow keycard features Oliver Queen, as the Arrow, with rain and weapons. This is exactly the right tone for the series.

Unfortunately, Stephen Amell’s rather glorious abs are not featured in this picture. We’ll have to wait for the show for that.

Revolution (airing Mondays at 10pm on NBC)

Revolution takes place more than a decade after all electricity shuts off — apparently forever. Obviously, keycards would be of little use in such a world. The Revolution Comic-Con keycard has way too much fun with this concept.

Personally, this is the keycard I’m hoping to get at Comic-Con 2012.

(Images courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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