There’s no denying that Glee has a strong, loyal and passionate fan base, who have watched the show since the beginning, bought the songs and albums and even went to see the cast perform on tour. And now we can put that to good use again because viewers are being given the opportunity to vote on songs that will be featured in an upcoming episode.

Glee will be celebrating its 100th episode this season: on March 18, 2014, to be exact, which is episode 12. And to mark the occasion, the show is hosting what its calling the “Glee 100th Gleeks Choice: You Vote. We Remix Promotion.”

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Here’s how it works: 30 songs have been selected and put on a shortlist — all of them have been performed previously on Glee. After voting is over, the top 10 songs chosen by the fans will be performed by New Directions during the 100th episode. But they won’t be performed exactly as they were originally done before. Instead, they will be remixed, so viewers will be able to hear new interpretations of these tracks.

The 100th episode will air ahead of graduation for the current seniors, which according to Chord Overstreet will happen in episode 14. And the reason why the students will be dusting off these songs they’ve covered before is because they will be reminiscing about their time at McKinley by remembering all the good times they had and their memorable moments.

Check out the list of 30 songs to choose from below and then visit FOX’s website or the Glee Facebook page to vote for your top 10 favorites from this list. Voting ends Tuesday, December 3 at 11:59pm PT.

1. “Bad Romance”

2. “Born This Way”

3. “Bust Your Windows”

4. “Defying Gravity”

5. “Dog Days Are Over”

6. “Don’t Stop Believin'”

7. “Dream On”

8. “Forget You”

9. “Get It Right”

10. “Gives You Hell”

11. “Hey, Soul Sister”

12. “Imagine”

13. “Keep Holding On”

14. “Landslide”

15. “Lean On Me”

16. “Like a Prayer”

17. “Loser Like Me”

18. “My Life Would Suck Without You”

19. “Raise Your Glass”

20. “Roar”

21. “Safety Dance”

22. “Somebody to Love”

23. “Somewhere Only We Know”

24. “Sweet Caroline”

25. “Take a Bow”

26. “Telephone”

27. “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

28. “Toxic”

29. “Valerie”

30. “We Are Young”

There are some great options to choose from here. Most of the songs come from the early seasons of Glee, which is a great way for us the viewers to reminisce as well. And it’s no surprise “Don’t Stop Believin'” is included, and even though it’s a fantastic song, does it need to be covered again considering it’s already been revived more than once? But I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up in the Top 10 — Glee and this Journey hit go hand-in-hand at this point.

Do you think this is a strong list to choose from? Are there any not on the list that you think should have been included? If you voted, which ones did you choose? And who should perform the remixes?

Glee airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

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