Christopher Gorham has been cast in a secret role on Once Upon a Time. And Jack Davenport will be guest starring on The Good Wife. Read on for all the details, including casting news for The Walking Dead, Beauty and the Beast, Two and a Half Men, Hawaii Five-0, Arrow, The Tomorrow People and Blue Bloods.

Christopher Gorham’s secret role on Once Upon a Time: You may know him from Ugly Betty and Covert Affairs, but come next spring, he’ll be showing up on the ABC fantasy drama in a role that hasn’t been revealed just yet — the producers are being very hush-hush about it. Gorham is guest starring in the March 9 episode, titled “New York City Serenade” (which is the first one back after the long hiatus), as an “important character in the life of Emma Swan,” according to Entertainment Weekly. This may be coming way out of left field, but just by looking at his picture, he kind of looks like Henry — is he playing a grown-up version?

Jack Davenport goes from Smash to The Good Wife: He played Derek Wills on the NBC drama about Broadway musicals, and now he’ll be appearing in an episode of The Good Wife, reports EW, as an assistant US attorney who’s a very trustworthy and honest guy; the episode is set to air in 2014.

Andrew J. West cast as unknown character on The Walking Dead: Here’s another secret role being cast. The former Greek star is coming on board as someone who is not in the comic series, though The Hollywood Reporter notes that he’ll be a “remix of sorts of an unidentified character from the series.” This will be a character very important to the plot and may end up becoming a series regular in the now-renewed season 5 if his guest starring stint goes well in the current season.

The hosts of The Talk meet Beauty and the Beast: According to TV Guide, executive producer Brad Kern announced this bit of casting news at a recent press screening, saying, “We will open an episode with Vincent’s character on The Talk and we’re going to get him on The Talk. I’ll let you decide and think about why that’s even remotely possible in the story of Beauty and the Beast, but that’s something we’re very excited about.” Any theories?

Odette Annable is a love interest on Two and a Half Men: The House alum has signed on to play Walden’s new boss, and things may get a little steamy because she could potentially become a love interest for him. She’ll first show up in the January 2 episode, TVLine reports.

But the casting news for the CBS comedy doesn’t end there. Also guest starring on Two and a Half Men is Paula Marshall — she’ll be a love interest as well, but for Alan. She has been booked for two episodes (as a character who has the same first name), the first of which will air on December 5. And here’s one more for you: Diana Farr will make an appearance as Rachel in the episode airing on December 13, which is Marshall’s second episode — and the two know each other.

Chi McBride promoted on Hawaii Five-0: The actor first appeared in the season 4 premiere as SWAT Captain Lou Grover, and how he’s been promoted to be a series regular. Executive Producer Peter Lenkov said in a press release, “After his first guest spot, we knew we had something special here with Chi playing Captain Lou Grover. He just fit seamlessly into the fabric of Hawaii Five-0 and viewers are enjoying the spirited, if sometimes antagonistic, interaction between him and MCGarrett.”

Katrina Law is a progeny on Arrow: The actress will play Nyssa al Ghul, a progeny for Ra’s al Ghul and a character from the comics. It is unknown if Arrow will have her stick closely to her origins or divert more, but on the show at least, Nyssa is a “powerful member of the League of Assassins who comes to Starling City in pursuit of The Canary,” as reported by TV Guide.

Elizabeth Hurley lending her voice to The Tomorrow People: She’ll be the voice of ULTRA’s super-computer named Alice in two episodes, with the potential to return. E! News notes that Alice “is an artificial intelligence program with a slight vindictive streak,” and in her first episode, Stephen will go up against the super-computer.

Robert Gant has also been cast on The Tomorrow People, as Marla’s boyfriend. Stephen is suspicious of who his mother is dating, according to TVLine. Gant has signed up for two episodes — the same two, in fact as Elizabeth Hurley’s.

Tom Cavanagh and Rebecca Budig are husband and wife on Blue Bloods: Cavanagh will play Mickey, who has some sort of a connection with a crime family. And Budig is his wife, Connie, who wants to live closer to her parents, who’s health are in decline — but is that the real reason for coming to New York? The two will guest star in the episode airing on December 20, TVLine reports.

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