Caleb, Miranda and all their ghostly friends might have packed up for the winter months, but we’re still reeling from the Ravenswood midseason finale. We got a few answers in the episode, but ended up pondering far more questions than ever before. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Ravenswood returns January 7 after Pretty Little Liars to find out any answers.

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Until then, here are the 11 questions which will haunt us until we reunite with the Ravenswood five:

1. What’s happening with Miranda and Caleb? 

In the finale, we found out Miranda and Caleb might be reincarnated versions of their older selves. The bad news for Hanna (and Haleb shippers) is that these olden time versions were very much in love. Both Caleb and Miranda seem to be feeling a mutual attraction to each other, but is it even possible to couple up with a ghost? Is their romantic fate sealed together or will Caleb’s free will keep him with former true love Hanna? 

2. Who were the people buried in the wall?

In the midseason finale, the Ravenswood gang find a pair of bodies seemingly buried alive behind a wall. They seem to think the people sacrificed themselves so that Miranda and Caleb could return to the land of the living. But who were these selfless people, and how do they fit into the curse? 

3. Speaking of the curse, what’s up with that? 

The curse that takes out five Ravenswood teens every few years is still extremely mysterious. Why does the curse exist? Why does it only happen in Ravenswood? How does the curse pick the teenagers on its kill list? (My guess is by level of attractiveness.) We still don’t know much about the curse that brought all these characters together. 

4. What’s up with Collins and dead people’s hair?

Miranda’s Uncle Raymond Collins is a creepy dude. He not only looks like an extra Adam’s Family member, but he also keeps locks of hair from his dead clients. What is that all about? Why did he destroy the hair evidence and why did he immediately go about replacing it? 

5. Who killed Luke and Olivia’s father? 

The mayor of Ravenswood, Luke and Olivia’s father, was murdered shortly before Caleb and Miranda showed up in town. We still don’t know the full story, only that his murder is looking less like a black widow situation and more supernatural in origin. Is Uncle Raymond and his giant knife responsible? Or did a creature from the other side do the deed? 

6. What’s up with Grunwald? 

The magnificent and terrifying Mrs. Grunwald began her life scaring the bejesus out of us on Pretty Little Liars, and she’s continuing the trend on Ravenswood. What exactly does she know about the town’s secrets? Does she know what’s going on with the curse? Can her eyes see directly into all the dark places in your soul, or am I the only one who feels that way? What is her connection to Collins? 

7. What is scaring people to death? 

Caleb finally found a family member in old man Rivers, whose brother Caleb looked just like our current version. Unfortunately, he turns up dead in the midseason finale, taking his secrets with him. But what’s even more disturbing is how he died: scared to death. Neither Collins nor Grunwald seem to be surprised to see the shocked corpse, meaning there’s something in the town scaring people to death. 

8. Who caused the car accident?

We still don’t know the full story behind The Civil Wars-scored car accident in the pilot. There was clearly a soggy supernatural presence standing in the middle of the road that dark and bleary night. Was the creepy, water-logged girl a ghost from the Ravenswood flood that claimed untold lives all those years ago? And if so, why is she trying to kill these five teens?

9. Will Miranda ever return from the otherside?

The show made a pretty bold creative choice in the second episode when it killed off its most well-established new character. But now that we know reincarnation is possible, will Miranda remain a ghost for the rest of the series? Or will she be returning from the great beyond?

10. Who is that creepy little girl Max? How does Dylan know her? What are they planning? Why is it giving me nightmares? 

The midseason finale also introduced another terrifying new character, a creepy little girl named Max. As we all know, creepy kids can be the most terrifying horror movie trope possible. And watching Max turn her head all the way around was a big “nope, nope, nope” moment for me. How is she involved with Olivia’s boyfriend Dylan? What is her endgame? Why does she care about the Ravenswood five? We’ll have to wait until January to find out. Until then, I leave you with this nightmare material: 

11. How do they deal with all this creepy, supernatural Ravenswood stuff on Pretty Little Liars

The world of Ravenswood played a big part in the last season of Pretty Little Liars. Although the liars’ visits to Ravenswood were always off-putting (and sepia-tinged) they weren’t full of ghosts and goblins. The universe of Pretty Little Liars is more grounded in reality, while the world of Ravenswood is as supernatural as possible. 

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How does the Pretty Little Liars creative team deal with the world of spirits when the show returns and Caleb comes back home to Hanna? It’ll be interesting to see how they handle merging the shows into one coherent universe. Will we be seeing ghosts and demonic children on Pretty Little Liars? Isn’t “A”scary enough?

What are your most burning Ravenswood questions? What are your theories? Are you rooting for Team Hanna or Team Miranda? Sound off in the comments!

Ravenswood airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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Morgan Glennon

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