The Upfronts have come to an end, and that means The CW is the final network to announce its 2015-2016 schedule and release trailers for new shows.

The network will be premiering three new shows next season, one beginning in the fall — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — and two that are being held for mid-season — the Arrow/Flash spin-off Legends of Tomorrow and Containment.

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Keep reading to find out more about these shows and to watch the trailers.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Mondays at 8pm)

The CW is pairing Jane the Virgin up with a brand-new show on Monday nights called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which follows Rebecca Bunch as she leaves everything behind in Manhattan to move to West Covina, CA, in order to find love and happiness. The series stars Rachel Bloom, who is also one of the executive producers.

It’s hard to tell if this show will do well, but the preview does give a good sneak peek at the music that will be featured, as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical. Will viewers get on board with the characters breaking out into song? Either way, The CW is being smart in airing it alongside Jane the Virgin, another CW dramedy.

Watch the trailer below:

Containment (Mid-Season)

The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec is bringing us a brand-new show next season called Containment, which¬†centers on a deadly virus that breaks out in Atlanta, forcing the city to be quarantined. One of the police officers tasked with keeping the peace is Lex Carnahan, who finds out that people he knows are trapped in the quarantined area. Other characters who will be a focus of the series include a pregnant woman named Teresa; Katie Frank, a teacher who’s on lockdown with her class; Dr. Victor Cannerts, a CDC researcher; and Dr. Sabine Lommers.

The series stars David Gyasi, Christina Moses, Chris Woof, Kristen Gutoskie, Claudia Black, George Young, Hanna Mangan Lawrence and Trevor St. John.

Containment isn’t the first series to tack a virus outbreak, but hopefully the wait until mid-season will be worth it, as the preview looks really good.

Check out the trailer below:

Legends of Tomorrow (Mid-Season)

Finally, fans of Arrow and The Flash will have to wait until mid-season to check out the highly-anticipated spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow. At least we have a first look trailer to help tide us over until then.

In Legends of Tomorrow, Rip Hunter has the task of mobilizing a group of heroes and villains to help stop a giant threat that will affect not only the planet, but also time itself. The series is bringing together some stars from Arrow and The Flash, including Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, and also stars Arthur Darvill.

The trailer introduces us to characters like White Canary, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, the Atom, Firestorm and others. Just based on this almost-four-minute preview, it’s obvious that if you love Arrow and The Flash, you’re going to love Legends of Tomorrow.

Take a look at the trailer below:

(Image courtesy of The CW)

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