The Big Brother 15 finale is in two weeks, and we still have seven HGs left. Now is the time to make big moves and nothing is bigger than breaking up a dominant showmance.

This entire episode is about McCranda and the fact that they must now be torn apart. The editors try very, very hard to make us care about this relationship and think that it’s a tragic ending to an epic love story. In reality, it’s just an awful bitch and a pathetic shell of a boy being targeted for all the right reasons.

Nomination Fallout

In the aftermath of McCranda’s nomination, the power couple is flummoxed and saddened. That only lasts a few minutes, and then Amanda gets crazy and pissed.

Amanda decides the only way this makes sense is if GinaMarie is working with Elissa, Judd and Spencer. She goes on the warpath, yelling “It doesn’t make sense” about a thousand times. She’s positively crazy and delusional, saying objectively wrong things about how she was never coming after GM, despite spending all of last week trying to get Elissa to put her up.

Amanda is furious that GM dared to lie to her face. Um, what show does she think she’s on? Everything Amanda says in this scene is wrong, especially when she claims McCranda made it so much farther than any other showmance. Off the top of my head, Jeff and Jordan were both in the Top 5 on Big Brother 11.

The best part is when Amanda threatens GM, saying that if Andy or Spencer win the Power of Veto they’ll save either McCrae or Amanda and she’ll have the votes to get the replacement nominee out. First, that’s not true on any level. Second, Judd calls her out on the fact that she seems to think she controls everything and that everyone in the house should just roll over and let her win by giving her what she wants every week. Thank God these HGs are finally calling Amanda out on this spoiled brat behavior.

The segment ends with McCrae and Amanda crying about how their love is real. I could not care less about this uber-gross couple. They’re the anti-Jeff and Jordan.

Elissa the Spy

Andy and Amanda meet up and she cries about how she wants to go because she doesn’t want to take this opportunity away from McCrae. Andy pretends to be supportive, though we know he’s actually working against her.

Elissa is listening at the door, and she’s growing suspicious that Andy is too loyal to McCranda. Uh-oh, his act is backfiring. Spencer, in a chicken suit, sees Elissa and breaks it up for fear that she’ll also think that he’s working with Amanda.

Amanda is furious to learn Elissa was listening at the door (seriously, what game does she think she’s playing?). She vows to get her revenge because she’ll make sure that Elissa is the replacement nominee and will go home no matter what. Good luck with that, you powerless shrew.

The bigger problem is that Andy is now on Elissa’s radar and she shares her concerns with Judd. Judd then reports back to the Exterminators. Andy is freaking out a bit, but they’re all so close to the end that they really have no choice but to stick with this four-person alliance and hope for the best. The Exterminators then come up with a “pump and spray” hand gesture to represent their dominance.

The Power of Veto Competition

The competition combines ballet and bowling. The HGs go head-to-head to knock down four bowling pins, but in order to bowl for 15 seconds, you have to spin 15 times. The craziest part is that I’m pretty sure Spencer was twerking in his tutu. Thanks to Miley Cyrus, it’s only the second-most disturbing thing I’ve seen in the past two weeks.

Amanda vs. Elissa: Amanda does a pretty great job and wins, though she starts vomiting afterwards.

Andy vs. Amanda: Andy chooses to go against Amanda to cover his bases. He can tell her he threw it to her, he can satisfy the Exterminators and he can make Elissa think he’s not with Amanda. Pretty sneaky. Amanda wins.

GinaMarie vs. Amanda: I love this strategy to constantly force Amanda to spin and spin. It’s cruel, but smart. Still, Amanda dominates for a third time in a row and knocks out another foe.

McCrae vs. Spencer: Spencer doesn’t roll the bowling balls as much as he hurls them down the lane as hard as he can. It’s ineffective and he loses.

McCrae vs. Amanda: So it all comes down to the two nominees and the two lovers. McCrae calls it one of the most tragic things he’s ever experienced, which makes me think he hasn’t lived a very tough life. He also compares it to Old Yeller. Who does he think he is, Saul Goodman?

To their credit, neither is willing to give up and they both play their hardest to win. McCrae says he wouldn’t wish this on his worst enemy, although I seem to recall Amanda celebrating when Elissa took out Helen in the Otev competition, and that was kind of the same scenario.

They both get down to one pin, and McCrae literally beats Amanda by about two seconds. OK, that has to be one of the best finishes in Power of Veto history. Afterwards, Amanda and McCrae are both left crying and vomiting, heartbroken that their time together is over.

I would care, but Amanda hasn’t given a crap about ending everyone else’s journey, people like Helen and Judd who are huge superfans who love this show more than anyone else. Once again, it feels like the editors are trying to make Amanda look a lot better and more sympathetic than she deserves.

The Replacement Nominee

GM refuses to put up Elissa because Elissa didn’t put her up, so she needs to choose which of her Exterminator allies to use as the pawn. The editors refuse to show Amanda’s campaign to get Elissa up or Judd’s plot to trick McCrae into using the Power of Veto on Amanda.

Amanda complains about how GM is so stupid and doesn’t deserve to be HoH and have any power. Shut up, Amanda. Maybe if it offends you so much you should’ve won an HoH.

At the ceremony, Amanda gets up and gives some big, dumb, obviously pre-planned speech about love. That’s followed by McCrae using the veto on himself, then shrugging his shoulders and saying “I’m sorry” in the meekest voice I’ve ever heard. GM uses Spencer as a pawn yet again, because that’s his role.

In the post-game diary room sessions, McCrae is sad and talks about how he should’ve saved Amanda. Ugh, this kid is so depressing, not just as a human being, but as a Big Brother player. Amanda then whines some more about how GM the bimbo is ruining Amanda’s game for personal reasons. I hope she feels like a total moron when she realizes this was actually a smart, strategic move and has nothing to do with personal feelings.

Tomorrow night, God-willing, Amanda is evicted and either Elissa or McCrae will follow her in the double eviction.

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