After a stacked night of semifinals, this results show is going to be one of the toughest elimination rounds yet. Some acts were revealed to be products of hype and story-telling, while others lived up to the show’s ecstatic “best of the best” promos: Kenichi in particular emerged not just as a viable front-runner, but as a viable real-world performing artist able to innovate continuously, while even the judges seem to have run out of patience with the troop deification act American Military Spouses Choir. Whoever makes it through, this will finalize our Top 12 lineup.

Live blog starts now:

In his opening monologue, Nick Canon relates that this was one of the most voted on evenings in America’s Got Talent history — that sentiment feels hollow and vague most of the time, but I can buy it here.

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Before we get to any of those results though, we first have a performance from Fall Out Boy. This is probably very specific to people within five years of my age, but I remember when these guys were punk.

After that, we have some results:


American Military Spouses Choir

Timber Brown

Branden James advances to the Top 12

I guess it’s not much of a surprise, but I’d have taken Timber over him. Ah well.

It’s then time for some more results:

Chicago Boyz and KriStef Brothers advance to the Top 12

We finally have a reversal of the early season “none of you” reveal that they used so much. Both of these acts are deserving, and I hope they keep feeling “champion.”

After that comes an extended segment of the two male judges lusting after their female colleagues, which is probably a little weird for them. It’s followed by a performance by former contestants iLuminate.

Time for more results:


Marty Brown

Jimmy Rose advances to the Top 12

Well, there’s that. I don’t think he has nearly the voice, the musical ability nor the creative approach to justify this spot, but maybe they changed the show to America’s Got Polite Young Coal Mining Veterans when I wasn’t looking.


John Wing

Leon and Romy

Kenichi advances to the Top 12

Excellent, anything else would be a major disappointment.

That leaves the kids in the bottom two: Anna vs. D’Angelo and Amanda.

Heidi picks D’Angelo and Amanda

Mel B. picks Anna Christine

Howard picks Anna Christine

Howie picks D’Angelo and Amanda

That leaves things in a tie, meaning that votes decide the winner:

D’Angelo and Amanda advance to the Top 12

Talented kids to be sure, but I think I’d have rather seen Anna take the last spot. She sings a heck of a lot better than Jimmy Rose, anyway.

The competition’s getting tougher, and the best acts are bringing more and more each week: I personally can’t wait to see what Kenichi does next, and other high concept acts like Collins Key and Catapult are always interesting, at least. The Top 12 will perform next week.

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Ted Kindig

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