I said everything I wanted to say about this week’s episode of Dexter, “Get Gellar,” here yesterday. (Highly intellectual summary: The final twist was stupid and I hate it.)

But that’s old news. Now we have new sneak peeks of next Sunday’s episode, “Ricochet Rabbit,” to watch and pick apart and discuss and (probably) get annoyed by. Let’s take a look at three videos from next Sunday’s Dexter, none of which explain why the episode is named after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon sheriff:

Sneak Peek 1: You Killed Me

YES, Dexter, you should not have trusted Travis. You seem surprised, but you definitely shouldn’t be, because you knew Travis killed and/or helped kill a bunch of people in very grotesque ways, and that he did it because he sympathizes with crazy-religious-apocalyptic ideas, and also you’re a serial killer yourself, so there were probably other red flags you ignored while you were too busy renting a hotel room for the Doomsday Killer. (Smart move there!) But, at the same time, that probably doesn’t mean you should never trust anyone ever again. Maybe just start with not trusting known murderers/murder-accomplices.

And sorry, Colin Hanks. You’re going to need to go to 11 on the “CRAZY” amp if you want us to get even a little bit scared of you. Right now you’re at about a 4, which is the same level of crazy as people getting pissed off at the post office and that time Meatloaf flipped out on The Celebrity Apprentice. Turn it up. I still feel like I could hug you once you calmed down.

Sneak Peek 2: Gellar’s Paintings

Deb’s going to have a panic attack before she discovers Gellar’s body in the deep-freeze. Or is she being smited for all those times she took the Lord’s name in vain (and then told somebody to go f— a s—– a– and s— a c— up their d—- until the b—– f——— c— OFF!)? Don’t bother deciphering that. I just started writing letters and dashes randomly by the end.

Episode Preview: “Ricochet Rabbit”

Gellar sort of looks like Santa in the freezer. Which is funny, since Santa ALSO loves to hijack Christmas from Jesus, just like Gellar loves to hijack the apocalypse from Jesus. Also, neither of them exist. (If there are kids reading this… there better not be kids reading this. And my apologies to Santa. I love you, Santa. Christmas is yours and you’re the best at it!)

Anyway: This week, it seems that Travis will finally show some agency, even though he’s still deluded about Gellar, while Dexter will finally get serious about killing him. Who or what is the “Ricochet Rabbit” in this scenario? Tune in to Showtime on Sunday at 9pm to find out.

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