Hollywood Week is always must-see on American Idol. Not only do we get more great talent, but some singers end up crumbling under pressure. There’s always drama, tension and a whole lot of stress. A lot of that comes from the group performances. Not everyone gets along with others, and sometimes people forget the words. Anything can happen, and for season 13, the group round is this Thursday.

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FOX has released preview videos with a sneak peek at four of the groups. First up is a group of three singers which includes Carmen Delgina, Wonder Mike’s daughter. They perform Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.”

This group is solid; I wouldn’t say I’m blown away or anything, but they get better by the end.

This next group is comprised of all guys, led by I believe Shanon Wilson, though I could be mistaken. They definitely picked a song that will have the girls swooning over them: Bruno Mars’ “Treasure.” Jennifer Lopez is really getting into it (see? I told you). It wouldn’t be surprising if they all advanced to the next round.

One Direction might be all the rage nowadays when it comes to boy bands, but you can’t go wrong with a ’90s throwback to the Backstreet Boys. The little bit that we hear of this group performing “I Want It That Way” (including Maurice Townsend) sounds really good; hopefully we get the full performance during the episode.

And finally, it wouldn’t be Hollywood Week without someone forgetting the lyrics to a song. When this group comes out, the judges wonder why Caleb Johnson has a mike stand and no one else does; he’s got a simple and straightforward answer: “I just like using a mike stand.” What an answer!

But the laughs don’t end there. The guy who has the first solo on Alex Clare’s “Too Close” doesn’t know the words, but that’s not stopping him from continuing on with the performance. He changes the lyrics and keeps going: “I don’t know the words ’cause I forgot them. But I’m gonna keep singing for y’all.” You have to give him credit for pushing through it. 

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The breakout singer, though, is Caleb Johnson. He has the strongest and most distinct voice out of everybody in the group. He has a fantastic rock voice. At one point, Harry Connick, Jr. whispers something to J-Lo. Part of this performance is a mess because of the forgotten words, but at least that doesn’t stop Caleb from rocking out and proving that no one can drag him down.

I went back to watch Caleb’s audition again after seeing this preview video, and he’s better than I gave him credit for at the time.

Are you looking forward to the group performances during Hollywood Week? Will it be the typical drama we’ve come to expect? And how many times will the contestants forget the lyrics?

American Idol airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm on FOX.

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