It has been a long and grueling season for The Biggest Loser contestants and viewers alike. We have seen them shed tears, shed traumatic pasts and, ultimately, shed weight. This week on the ‘Second Chances’ finale, we get to see the big reveal for all the contestants from season 15, learn who wins the at-home prize and, most important, who will win the title of The Biggest Loser. Plus, as I predicted, Ruben Studdard performs his new single.


Before the show even starts, my money is on Rachel. She has been a stellar athlete all season and consistently lost the most weight and won challenges. However, David and Bobby are both big guys with a lot of weight left to lose. One of them could surprise us all with a major transformation. It will be interesting to see how they match up against one another, which of course won’t be revealed until we have seen everyone else first.

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Blasts from the Past

We get mini-updates from contestants and winners from past seasons. From recent winners Danni (season 14) and Olivia (season 11) to successful contestants like Abby (season 8) and the t-shirt removing Pete (season 2), these contestants have stayed fit and healthy. This is always good to see since so often many of the past contestants back-slide and put the weight on again.

The Reveals and Weigh-Ins: Group 1

Jennifer is the first one out and she looks amazing and confident. She has helped her family on their weight loss journey, and her husband has lost 50 pounds and her daughter 30 pounds. Fernanda was the first to be eliminated and looks incredible. Often, the first few contestants sent home have a hard time losing the weight on their own, but he has a new ‘do and is seriously slim. Accomplishing most of that at home is so impressive. 

Jennifer’s starting weight was 266 pounds and she currently weighs 162 pounds for a total percentage weight loss of 39.10%. She is the current contender for the at-home prize in this group.

The Reveals and Weigh-Ins: Group 2

Matt looks awesome, and after postponing his wedding to be on the stage, he is excited to get married after the finale. Chelsea almost missed her reveal moment, but ran back and has gone from a size 18 to a size 6.  Olympic champ (and Bob’s favorite) Holley is quicker and stronger in her training now. She surprises Bob by asking him to be a part of her team if she makes it to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Chelsea bumps Jennifer out of the lead for the at-home prize by one pound. She went from 241 pounds to 146 pounds for a total percentage of weight-loss of 39.42%.

The Reveals and Weigh-Ins: Group 3

Tanya looks unbelievable and has opened her own restaurant of healthy soul food to help her maintain her health. Craig looks unbelievable, especially considering he was sent home so early in the season. I don’t even recognize Marie, she looks so healthy and so strong. 

Even though Craig looked like he had it in the bag with a 162-pound weight loss, Marie manages to bump Chelsea and Craig from the lead by going from 249 pounds to 138 pounds.

The Reveals and Weigh-Ins: Group 4

Ruben Studdard certainly looks healthier, but he’s so tall it’s hard to see a big transformation when he’s in the suit. It’s much more obvious in the workout clothes. I legitimately don’t recognize Tumi when she comes out; she looks unbelievable, if not a little too thin. Jay lost all of his weight on the ranch so he looks the same as when he left, which is great.

The At-Home Prize Winner Is…

Even though it seemed impossible to surpass Marie’s weight loss, Tumi does it by losing 175 pounds, which is 54.86% lost, and she wins the at-home prize of $100,000. Incredible! It is also really impressive that those that did the best at home were all on Jillian’s team.

The Finalists Revealed

Bobby is the first finalist revealed and he looks unbelievable. He is so tiny, almost too skinny! He has earned and re-earned his second chance this season. He seems confident and happy, which is the most important thing. 

David has had such an emotional journey this season. His reveal is just as shocking because he looks so great and so healthy. He has truly earned this and it is really inspiring. 

Rachel has been such an inspiration and athlete all season. As soon as she is revealed, I can’t help but think she looks way too thin, right? I don’t know, she looked so great at the end of her time on the ranch, good and healthy. Now she just seems to have taken her competitive nature way too far.

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Ruben Studdard Performs

In a serious throwback to the days of American Idol season 2, Ruben performs his Biggest Loser-inspired song. It’s sweet, and he does a great job, but it’s a pretty ‘meh’ song.

The Final Weigh-In and Winner Revealed

Bobby weighs in first. His starting weight is 358 pounds and his current weight is 170 pounds, losing 188 pounds for a total of 52.51% weight lost. 

Rachel weighs in next. She is even more concerning in her workout clothes. Her starting weight was 260 pounds and her current weight is 105 pounds, for a total of 155 pounds or 59.62% weight lost. 

David weighs in last. His starting weight is 409 and his current weight is 187 for a total weight loss of 222 pounds. 

Therefore, the Biggest Loser is Rachel!  

I am happy that she got what she wanted all along, and I want to be excited for her, but I’m more concerned at this point. Hopefully, now she’ll bulk back up a bit.

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Eva Des Lauriers

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